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Drama explained: Wait, why are people destroying their Florence by Mills products?

People will really rip into Millie Bobby Brown at any given chance

You might have seen people on TikTok destroying their Florence by Mills products. Here’s everything we know about the reasons why and a rundown of the history of drama with Florence by Mills and Millie Bobby Brown going back all the way into 2019.

Why are people destroying their Florence By Mills products?

Generally, a few customers who are destroying their products claim they had issues regarding shipping. However they’ve also said the product itself is impressive so other users are very confused as to why products are being destroyed if the customer is happy with them.

This hasn’t just started though, it really picked up at the end of last year and now more people are catching on and joining in without even knowing the reasons behind it. One TikTok was posted in September last year and showed people going to the Florence stand in Ulta and ruining all the makeup.

Other people who aren’t destroying their products are calling out those who have been doing so already. One person said there’s no point destroying them to try and damage the brand because you’ve already bought the product and given them money. It’s so true.

Does Florence By Mills have a history of drama?

In 2019, when Millie Bobby Brown was accused of faking her skincare routine. Bear in mind at the time she was just a 15-year-old girl, the internet came for her. She filmed a video which showed how she incorporated her products into her own nightly skincare routine. Some people claimed it didn’t even look like she was applying the products from her own range.


Hii first video ( why do people do that she spends a long thime creating this ) #milliebobbybrown #florencebymills #fyp#edit#blowthisupforme @florence by mills byeee

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The video started with Millie applying a face mist which she then followed up with a scrub. She then ended her routine by applying a face moisturiser and lip oil. The routine was posted to Instagram however it was then deleted following all the hate she had. The accusations being thrown around said Millie was actually wearing makeup in the video and she wasn’t applying a crumb of product.

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