self haircut filter

Here’s how to get the TikTok haircut filter that is currently doing everyone so, so dirty

This is literally how I picture cutting my own hair going

TikTok users have been using the Big Wave audio in videos alongside the self haircut filter and they are being left looking horrendous. The filter shows users with a virtual ponytail dangling in front of their faces on their forehead. It’s very similar to the unicorn ponytail haircut method which requires a boat load of confidence and bravery.

A pair of virtual scissors then randomly snip at the ponytail and a red velvet curtain closes before the new haircut is revealed and everyone is getting done so dirty. People are either left with a blonde lob, a bowl cut or a spiked green haircut – it’s not good. Here’s everything we know about the filter, how it works and how you can get it yourself.

The TikTok self haircut filter is hell on earth

TikTok is known for having some iconic filters but this self haircut one really isn’t giving. One TikTok user said they were left looking like Edna Mode from The Incredibles when they were served the black bowl cut. Anyway, if you want to get involved then follow these steps to get the self haircut TikTok filter.

• Open up TikTok

• Click the plus icon next to the camera

• Tap the magnifying glass and search for ‘self haircut’

• Then tap on the filter of the same name to apply it

Some people have said the filter doesn’t appear when they search for it so if that happens for you then you can find it through a video. Just search for “self haircut filter” and tap the first video you see using it and click the yellow box with the filter inside in the bottom left corner.

But if you have ever been tempted to cut your own hair, use this filter as a reason not to do it. You’re welcome.

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