Leonardo DiCaprio TikTok dad

Um, a guy on TikTok is trying to claim Leonardo DiCaprio might be his dad

‘Leonardo DiCaprio DOOP’

Another day, another TikTok nonsense – this time the turn of one creator who claims he doesn’t know who his dad is but that he has a pretty good guess at who it could be. Yep, this fella from TikTok is claiming that Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio is his dad because his mum slept with him and he’s got no clue who his dad is. No I’m not joking – but it remains to be seen if this lad actually is.

‘My muvva got some explaining to do’

The video was posted by Bamy on TikTok, and basically shows a picture of Leo with who Bamy says is his mum, before it cuts to Bamy now and we’re all meant to be like”Oh it’s the child of Leonardo DiCaprio!” even though to my humble eyes I feel like I’m looking more at the offspring of Jake Cornish from Love Island 2021.

The comments are absolutely savage, my particular favourites being Leonardo DiCaprio from Wish and Leonardo DiCaprio from Minecraft.

‘Leonardo DiCaprio DOOP’

But who is Bamy claiming on TikTok that Leonardo DiCaprio is his dad? He’s a musician and I hate to say it guys but his bops actually kind of slap. It’s giving big Tom Zanetti vibes and I’m tapping my foot I can’t lie…


Oiiii 😮‍💨😭 SET YOU FREE MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW link in my bio my people 🏆 #foryou #fyp #viral #blowthisup #ukrap

♬ Bamy Set You Free UNRELEASED – BAMY

Leonardo DiCaprio is yet to respond to the allegations and claims that he’s the dad of Bamy from TikTok, but I’m sure he’s marching down the doctors for a DNA test as we speak so we can finally get some answers.

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