sound like CG5 TikTok sound

Ok what’s the ‘everybody told me that I sound like CG5’ sound all over TikTok?

The nepo babies are loving it

Yep, there’s another insufferable sound all over the For You Page, and this time it’s the one that the nepo babies have hoovered up like a hungry Dyson: ‘Everybody told me that I sound like CG5, probably because I am CG5’. But where is the sound actually from and what the hell does it all mean? Here’s the origin of the ‘Everybody told me that I sound like CG5’ TikTok sound explained.

Sorry what is going on?

Okay, so the origin of this TikTok sound comes from a collab between YouTubers, musicians and TikTokers LeGrand and CG5. LeGrand posted a video on YouTube where he teased a collaboration between the two due to people comparing them a lot.

After this, CG5 posted a TikTok using the opening line of the teaser and that’s the sound that’s ended up going viral.

Now the sound has taken on a life of its own when it was claimed by the nepo babies and various other celebs. Brace yourself.

How are people using the sound?

A load of celebrities, whether they be nepo babies or people who were famous as children who are now fully grown and being pests on our For You Pages, have adopted this sound to shock everyone with their insane transformations. Or to make us all scroll past when we come to our senses and clock that they’re all just after a bit of clout as per! Anyway, here are some prime examples of the ‘Everybody told me that I sound like CG5’ TikTok sound in action.


The day people stop saying I look like the girl from hereditary will be the day I’ll stop making tiktoks about it #greenscreen


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