Jasper the Doll

Here’s the origin story behind Jasper the Doll from TikTok and her raspy voice

She’s unhinged but we love her x

Jasper the Doll refers to a TikTok page which centres on a chaotic Barbie doll named Jasper. Jasper wears Joker-style makeup, has very messy hair and sounds as though she smokes 50 cigarettes a day – she’s raspy.

Jasper the Doll gained a following back at the end of last year and her profile has since snowballed into a viral account. Other famous TikTokers even duet and cosplay as Jasper – it’s iconic. Here’s everything you need to know about the history of Jasper the Doll and her rise to stardom.

Where does Jasper the Doll come from?

The origin of Jasper the Doll is unknown, like her creator – no one has a clue where or who she came from. However Jasper’s creator has a TikTok, @fartbeans7, where she has revealed her face.

Jasper the Doll’s account started in 2021 however at the time it was called something else but the account still featured altered Barbie dolls and Ken dolls made to represent the characters of Twilight. Honestly the fact Jasper came from a Twilight stan account makes so much sense to me – she gives off big Bella energy to be honest.

The account increased engagement in October 2021 when Jasper came on the scene. The video received over 1.4 million plays and 403,000 likes. Currently Jasper has over 503,000 followers and 6.4 million likes on her account. She also has her own merch and it slays. From t-shirts to hoodies and face masks – people can now wear Jasper on their body.

Other TikTokers such as @cassie.lyons are literally dressing up as Jasper and lip syncing to her content. It’s pure art. You can watch more Jasper videos here.

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