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Every single time Miley Cyrus hints at the breakup with Liam Hemsworth in her new album


Miley Cyrus has just dropped her eighth studio album called Endless Summer Vacation, and fans are shaking. She only released her lead single, Flowers, earlier this year and it set the perfect tone. She dropped Flowers on Liam Hemsworth’s birthday and it was the ultimate track for a hottie coming back from a bad breakup.

Obviously Miley hasn’t explicitly confirmed her album is about her ex but fans have listened to the whole thing and drawn their own conclusions. So, here’s a take on the album and what those savage lyrics mean to the fans.

All the suspected lyrics about Liam Hemsworth that Miley Cyrus sings in Endless Summer Vacation

Fans have assumed Miley labels Liam as the problem in their relationship. In the song called Jaded from her Endless Summer Vacation album, Miley Cyrus breaks down the moment she realised Liam “took it too far” and perhaps their relationship came to an end. She sings: “You’re not even willing to look at your part, just jump in the car and head down to the bar ’til you blurry. You don’t know when to stop, so you take it too far. And I don’t know where you are and I’m left in the dark ’til I’m worried.”

Miley also sings growing older has made their past harder to overcome. She says: “Now I’ve had time to think it over, we’re much older and the bones too big to bury. Isn’t it a shame it ended like that?”

Later in the chorus of Jaded, Miley sings: “I’m sorry that you’re jaded, could have taken you places, you’re lonely now and I hate it.”

Miley speaks about a partner who cheated on her in Muddy Feet and fans are spiralling

In her song Muddy Feet, Miley opens up about why her and a certain relationship ended, she loosely suggests she was cheated on and fans are freaking out.

Miley sings: “I don’t know who the hell you think you’re messing with, get the fuck out of my house with that shit. Get the fuck out of my life with that shit.” She then goes on and alludes to smelling another woman’s perfume on her partner. She sings: “You smell like perfume that I didn’t purchase, now I know why you’ve been closing the curtains.”

Rumours first began to circulate that Liam cheated on her when the Twitter account PopTingz said the music video for Flowers showed the house where he allegedly cheated on her with 14 different women.

She says loving her partner wasn’t enough for him

Miley makes it clear she didn’t fit in with her partner’s family. In Wildcard she sings about a marriage that was not an act of love but a necessity. She sings: “Do you want to play house? I can be your wife, going to meet your mum in a dress too tight.”

Later on in the song she sings: “I love when you hold me, but loving you is never enough.”

Miley claims she and her ex were ‘pretending’

In Rose Coloured Glasses from Endless Summer Vacation, fans have picked up on Miley Cyrus singing about a relationship and saying she wanted to pretend they were happy.

She sings: “We could stay like this forever, lost in Wonderland, with my head above the clouds, falling stupid like we’re kids. Wearing rose-coloured glasses, let’s just play pretend. Wearing rose-coloured glasses, pretend we’ll never end.”

You can watch the official video for River here.

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