Casa Islanders are being axed already?! Plus two dumped Islanders are in each other’s DMs

The drama is intensifying! 🔥

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Kim has been found!

The devil works hard, but Love Island viewers work harder. Last night, Kai awkwardly called Lydia “Kim”, thinking she was someone he knew. “Bro I know her, I know her,” he said. But awkwardly, he obviously doesn’t. “Oh no I don’t know her. I don’t know her,” he then said. Toe curling stuff.

But, people have now found the Kim in question, and found a girl who looks a lot like Lydia and who Kai follows on Instagram. God, I love this silly little place.

Zara has addressed the ‘kiss’ situation with Usain Bolt

Remember back in a challenge when the girls were asked if they had any celeb exes? Lana spilled about dating Owen Warner, and then Zara said she’d kissed Usain Bolt. Straight away, everyone questioned if Zara was lying, given Usain is married with kids, but now she has shed some light on what allegedly happened.

Speaking on Will Njobvu’s podcast, she explained they met one another in the VIP section of a London club. “We started to walk to the door and then the bouncer stopped and said ‘you’ve been requested in VIP’,” she said. “And I was like ‘Ooh by who?’ I thought, by Pia Mia. But no, by Usain Bolt.”

She went on to say they were “vibing” and kissed, but people are still very much doubting if her story is true.

New Casa bombshell Layla has a *very* famous ex

via ITV

Casually, Casa Amor bombshell Layla’s ex boyfriend is singer Conor Maynard. When asked in her pre-Love Island interview if she’d ever dated anyone in the public eye, Layla said: “My ex is a famous singer. He wrote a few songs about me since we broke up.”

Tanyel has confirmed she’s talking to another dumped Islander already

Appearing on Aftersun, dumped Islander Tanyel has said she and fellow ex-Islander Spencer have been speaking since leaving the show. Maya Jama asked her if she felt “robbed” of her and Spencer’s love story, and Tanyel said: “Never say never, but I am a big believer in whatever is meant to be will be. Obviously if it was meant to have happened I feel like it would’ve happened at the time. But obviously you never know.”

Maya then said: “He did say he was going to slide into your DMs,” which Tanyel replied to saying: “He has!” Watch this space!

At least four Islanders are going to be dumped already!

We’re only just getting into Casa Amor, but according to The Sun, Maya Jama has already flown to South Africa and the dumping is imminent! Apparently the recoupling is being filmed today, which means the Islanders who haven’t been chosen are packing their bags already.

A source said: “The next Love Island recoupling is imminent and Maya will be personally overseeing proceedings. Filming of the recoupling will take place today and there are plenty of upsets expected. Casa Amor is one of the most disruptive and drama-filled parts of the show and producers expect this to be no different.”

Olivia has been spotted in ANOTHER Love Island promo vid

When she was first revealed as an Islander, it was discovered that this wasn’t the first time Olivia has been on Love Island. In the very first episode of each season, viewers are shown a video of the Islanders leaving their day jobs to head to the villa, and back in 2019, Olivia featured in Joseph Garrett’s clip, ordering ice cream.

via ITV

But now, people have spotted she was in another of these! She was also seen in a library in 2021 winner Liam Reardon’s promo clip.

Tanya’s mum says seeing her with Shaq is ‘difficult to watch’

via ITV

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Tanya’s mum has reflected on finding it “difficult to watch” her daughter and Shaq in recent episodes.

“I don’t think we’ve seen enough to judge his character just yet,” her mum Polite told the magazine. “In the real world, things wouldn’t usually go this fast.” She continued: “I’ve had mixed feelings – it’s been exciting to see her but I’m always still nervous!”

Speaking of seeing her daughter say she’s “in love” with Shaq after two weeks, Polite said: “I think it might be too soon. In the real world things wouldn’t usually go this fast, but given their environment and the fact that his head hasn’t turned (yet!), it would be really nice to see them fall for each other. I could see a future for them on the outside.”

She said she’s found intimate scenes “difficult to watch” and has turned them off, and definitely didn’t watch when the couple were in The Hideaway.

In tonight’s episode, the two villas play a head to head game

It’s that time: Where Casa Amor and the main villa go head to head in “Raunchy Races”. The two villas will race against each other to complete a series of sexy challenges. The first villa to complete each challenge wins a point, the one that receives the most points will win a party.

When the Islanders receive a text asking the shortest girls to snog the boy she fancies most, Tanya locks lips with Martin in Casa Amor, while Layla kisses Kai over at the main villa. Shaq reflects on this round and says: “I was thinking who’s shorter out of Tanya and Jessie, I’m hoping it was Jessie…” Meanwhile after Tanya’s kiss with Martin she says: “Oh wow, it was good actually.”

When the shortest boy is challenged to kiss the girl he fancies the most, Casey shares a snog with Sanam, while Kain kisses Lana. Sanam says: “Casey is a good kisser, I can’t lie, he knows what he’s doing.” Tom and Will also share kisses with the girls in the main villa, and Kain and Frankie kiss some of the girls in Casa Amor.

via ITV

And Will and Layla talk on the terrace!

Meanwhile, in the main villa, Will and Layla are getting to know each other on the terrace. Layla tells Will: “You shocked me.. You’re more chatty than I thought you would be.” Will admits: “I feel like I gravitate to you.”

Talk on the terrace also then turns to kisses outside of a challenge. And as night properly falls, some Islanders choose to sleep outside. Who is sleeping under the stars and who is sharing a bed?

I am not ready for this heartbreak!

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