Here’s a rundown of everyone who dies in YOU season four and how

This season’s death toll is wild

The finale to YOU season three was so intense, and the fourth season is on a pretty similar level. The third season ended after Joe Goldberg killed Love Quinn, faked his own death, abandoned his son and fled to London in the hopes of finding Marienne. Now in season four he’s teaching under the name of Professor Jonathan Moore and found himself mixed up with a bunch of London elites thanks to befriending his rich colleague, Malcolm.

Joe says he’s over his murderous past and ways but obviously this isn’t true. Joe can’t escape the killings, they follow him whereever he goes – even in season four when he’s not the one doing them. The first five episodes of season four have a pretty high body count, so here’s a reminder of exactly everyone who dies in season four and how.

Who dies in YOU season four?

The victims are all from Joe’s new A-list group of friends in London. I say friends, a few of them are enemies. We also know Joe is being stalked this season, it would appear a member of the elites has discovered his real identity and is blackmailing him to help with the murder and if he doesn’t then there is the threat Joe will be framed for them all.

In the first episode Malcolm dies

The first person to die in YOU season four is Malcolm, Joe’s first friend in London and member of the elite group. Not many people seem to like Malcolm, not even his girlfriend Kate who is played by Charlotte Ritchie.

who dies in YOU season four

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Malcolm dies after a heavy night out with Joe and the elite group. Joe wakes up hungover with no recollection of what happened the night before aside from Malcolm bringing him home. He stumbles into the kitchen looking for answers but instead he’s met with Malcolm’s dead body on the table with a knife stabbed into his chest. At this point even Joe is questioning whether he killed Malcolm but we soon learn he didn’t.

Regardless of Joe being innocent, he’s involved in the murder pretty intensely. He’s back to his old ways with cutting up Malcom’s body in pieces and dumping them around the London area.

The second episode sees the death of Simon Soo

Ever since Malcolm’s murder, Joe has been determined to find out the killer. Simon is the next person in the group whose facade is revealed.

who dies in YOU season four

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The night of Simon’s gallery opening, Joe learns that Simon isn’t the astonishing artist he claims to be and actually his assistant is behind all the work. Joe starts to think Simon is the killer but before he can reach Simon, he’s dead. He finds Simon covered in blood with a knife in his chest – just like Malcolm.

Vic dies in the third episode

Joe is on the hunt for the killer now both Malcolm and Simon have died and on his hunt, he ends up killing someone himself. Ah yes, Joe’s first murder this season – and of course it’s a savage one.

Knowing there is a murderer on the loose, he does everything he can to protect her, including following her to Malcolm’s grave, where Vic, Adam’s bodyguard finds him. Convinced that Joe’s the killer, Vic asks him if Kate is his next victim. Vic finds Malcolm’s ring on Joe’s body which Joe takes as proof that someone was trying to frame him. Rather than explain himself, Joe strangles Vic. He drags him to a grave and buries him.

Gemma gets killed in episode four

The murder every episode streak is wild, right? The next elite with a big target on their back is Gemma. Her murder takes place during a friend’s trip to Phoebe’s family estate. While the group are engaged in a murder mystery game, Joe hears a scream. He runs to a room where he finds Kate with a knife in her hand kneeling on the floor next to Gemma who is covered in blood.

Who dies in YOU season four

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Joe realises Kate isn’t the murderer and the two make a pact not to tell anyone Gemma died. Joe helps Kate hide the body, wrapping Gemma in a rug and putting her in an antique dresser. However that doesn’t work and plan B is to throw the body out the window and hide it in the shed with the dead animals. A fire then wipes through the estate and Gemma’s body is discovered.

There are five episodes left and more deaths expected of course.

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