‘Ultimately it didn’t work out’: Zara has spilled after being dumped from Love Island

She told the other Islanders to ‘keep being your authentic selves’ 😬

Last night saw the most shocking moment on Love Island 2023 so far: Zara was dumped. After just under two weeks in the villa, the bombshell was sent packing following a recoupling. And naturally, everyone is livid.

Zara was one of the only Islanders this year providing true drama and she was making the episodes more interesting than the rest of the cast combined. Up till now, she’d carried the show – so we’re all kinda left with a feeling of what now? But, what does she have to say about it all? Here is what Zara said in her interview following being dumped from the Love Island 2023 villa.

Zara being dumped from the Love Island 2023 villa

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‘Maybe he’s just got good chat?’

When Zara first entered the villa, she went on a date with Ron. And since then, he’s shown to have quite a wondering eye on him, and Zara agrees he might just be all talk. When asked how she felt about meeting Ron first, she said: “Ron was a great first date, his energy matched mine and he made me feel at ease. The conversation flowed, sparks felt like they were flying… But maybe he’s just got good chat?”

‘Me and Tom calling it a day was the best thing we could have done’

All the drama leading up to Zara being dumped from the Love Island villa was surrounding her ongoing beef with Tom, and their messy coupling and un-coupling. They had a huge argument earlier this week, and ultimately Tom didn’t chose her in the recoupling and Zara was sent home.

Having said that, Zara has said she doesn’t regret cooling things off with Tom, but she did think there was potential there. “I went in with an open mind,” she said. “Tom isn’t my usual type at all so that was new to me but, I was being open minded as I knew the experience was all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

“I did think there could be potential with Tom. He’d told me he’d been in a long-term relationship, so I already knew he was capable of being committed. The age difference was a bit of a barrier for me – girls mature faster than guys.”

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Speaking of them ending things, Zara continued: “I genuinely think me and Tom calling it a day was the best thing that we could have done because we weren’t ever actually on the same page. Like a flame, we burned quick, and it was just more physical attraction. The fact we weren’t each other’s types intrigued us to try and make a go of it, but ultimately it didn’t work out.”

Zara thinks Will and Jessie are most likely to win?!

Ok, let’s be honest here – a lot of us aren’t convinced the ex-Aussie Islanders have entered the villa to authentically look for love. So with that, means a lot of us have been doubting how real it is between Will and Jessie. But, according to Zara, they’re the couple most likely to go the distance!

“If either of them are prepared to travel, or move, their energies really do match up, they really get along with each other,” she said. “I do genuinely think that Tanya and Shaq will last, too.”

Zara said she was friends with everyone in the villa

When asked who she had built the closest friendships with, Zara said: “I got on with everybody, but definitely Tanya and Tanyel. They got me and really took the time to understand me. Shaq too, me and him got on like a house on fire! Everyone was lovely but those guys stood out for me.”

Zara being dumped from the Love Island 2023 villa

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Her best moment in the villa was… Will

Zara said the best part of Love Island 2023 for her was Will. Honestly, same. “He’s got the best energy, he’s a cherub,” she said. “I think the world needs more Wills. Another highlight was when I won the Space Raunch challenge, I just had fun with it!”

‘Keep being your authentic selves’

Concluding with her best advice for her fellow Islanders moving forward, Zara just said: “I’d tell them to keep being their authentic selves.” Is that shady? Am I reading too much into this? I’m not sure.

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