A rundown of all the LGBTQ+ shows Netflix cancelled after only a few seasons

Yes, Heartstopper is a work of art but so are these shows

Netflix gives us some great shows, but what the Lord giveth he must taketh away. Or at least that’s how Netflix sees it. The queer community has Heartstopper and a couple of rogue LGBTQ+ characters in a few mainstream shows, but apart from that, we don’t have much else. In recent years Netflix has been the home to some fantastic LGBTQ+ shows but unfortunately they’ve all been cancelled with only a mere season or two under their belt. So here’s a rundown of all the queer shows Netflix cancelled and the reasons why.

First Kill

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Let’s start where it hurts the most – First Kill. It was pretty unfair when First Kill was faced against and compared to Heartstopper. They’re two great shows, but so different from one another. I mean one of them has a lesbian vampire and the other one has Olivia Colman.

Netflix gave their reasoning to First Kill and it was because the series had “low viewership and didn’t warrant the price tag of making a second season.” But let’s take a dive back to the viewing stats Netflix published at the time, Heartstopper only had 14.5 million hours of viewing in its first few days. This is less than half of what First Kill had in the same time frame. So what’s the difference here? Because those insane numbers and Netflix also saying “low viewership didn’t warrant the price tag of making a second season” just don’t add up.


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Uncoupled is a light-hearted series about a newly-single gay man in his late 40s who is freshly out of a long-term and safe relationship. It’s created by Sex and the City’s Jeffrey Richman and gave us a gorgeous and refreshing outlook on LGBTQ+ love.

However it was announced this week that Netflix wasn’t going through with a second season. Let’s be honest though, the cancellation isn’t surprising at this point given Netflix’s track record. Thankfully though this might not be the end for the show and there have been talks of it moving over to a Paramount Global network.


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This animated series is about a queer group of spies operating an offshoot squad in the American Intelligence Agency. Despite a good cast and a score of 78 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes – Netflix said the viewership was too low and that was the main reason behind Q-Force getting cancelled on Netflix.

I Am Not Okay With This

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I Am Not Okay With This is all about Syd, she’s trying to navigate high school awkwardness, family drama and an unrequited crush on her best mate. Oh and she’s trying to control her superpowers.

Netflix cancelled this show due to reasons around Covid which is not shocking whatsoever. During the same two weeks this show was cancelled, Netflix also pulled the plug on Atypical.


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Atypical had a run of four seasons and an IMDb rating of 8.3 out of ten. A lot of people loved this show for all the obvious reasons. It has a pretty big focus on Sam’s queer sister, Casey, who is also played by a non-binary performer. Casey is the track star in her high school and she’s essentially a main character in the show. Her sexual identity was a major plot point in the show, her first relationship with Izzie helped her realise she was bisexual. The series showcases a range of gender fluidity and sexuality. It’s previously been raised for being part of the larger gay and lesbian media revolution.

Whilst Atypical reached a natural end, Netflix decided to cancel the show before a fifth season. It has also been reported the pandemic made it apparent that the show needed to end – a classic line!

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