Islander’s ex calls them ‘biggest game player’ in fuming rant, plus a villa fight already?!

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We’re back! Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Lana used to date Owen Warner from I’m A Celeb

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The show has only just started, and already we’re finding out the jilted exes of the Love Island 2023 cast members. Lana used to date Owen Warner, who was on I’m A Celeb last year. They dated in the summer of 2020, after being introduced through mutual friends, but they broke up a few months later.

And Olivia went on a date ex-Islander Jack Fowler!

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Olivia went on a speed dating challenge date with season four bombshell, Jack Fowler. In an ad with FootAsylum, Olivia was one of a number of girls who went on a date with Jack, Chunkz, Yung Filly and Harry Pinero, and had them battle to win her over. During the dates, Olivia had multiple compliments on her looks, with one of the boys saying she was “amazing” looking.

Uh-oh! An ex is piping up!

Drama! Someone claiming to be the ex of new Islander Haris is clearly not very happy about him going on the show, and has gone straight to Insta to vent. Commenting underneath Love Island announcing him as part of the cast, a girl called Courtney said: “Biggest game player going, leaving me for a TV show and I called it from the second he left me”. Yikes!

Yes, this is the same Haris who in the first episode of the show claimed to have never had a girlfriend, and now the same girl has shared videos of them together telling a very different story. This is messy, to say the least.

Apparently farmer Will is a ‘serial DMer with dead chat’

It’s not looking good for our TikTok star farmer Will, as fellow TikTokers have come out and had their say about him. In a previous episode of the Saving Grace podcast, Kali Sluzza said Will had previously slid into her DMs, and Grace replied saying he’d done the same to a number of her friends, too.

“I think he’s a serial DMer,” Grace said. “He’s DMing one of my friends as well.” Kali later said: “So his chat is really dead, sorry Will! But it’s really boring. I thought let’s spice it up a bit, so I said, ‘After I touch your lambs, are you going to plough me like your fields?’ And he just goes, ‘You’ll have to see,’ and I go, ‘That’s it, I’m out!’ Boring, sorry Will!”

Will commented on the video saying “oh behave… So did you want to see the lambs orrrrrr?” 👀

One of the famous challenges has been scrapped for this year

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I feel as though we hear this every year and then it gets done anyway, but it’s been reported the gross challenge where Islanders have to pass food in their mouths in their couples has been scrapped.

A source told The Sun: “There are going to be lots of activity based challenges this series to make up for the lack of food ones. Bosses decided it was time to move on food wastage as they try and be as environmentally friendly as possible”.

PETA has come for farmer Will

Has PETA always been this savage? Everyone was beyond excited when TikToker farmer Will was announced as part of the cast this year. Everyone, apart from PETA that is. The animal rights charity has branded him a “disgusting creep” for his content, in particular a video with a sheep, where he was “dancing over her body as she gives birth”. I have no words.

Ummm, Olivia has already been on the show?!

New Islander Olivia is truly something. She’s a ring girl and actress, and said her claims to fame include once being a Bond girl, appearing in a Jason Statham film, and being a body double for Emma Watson and Michelle Keegan. Buuuut, what she failed to mention is this isn’t her first Love Island rodeo!

In the very first episode of each season, viewers are shown a video of the Islanders leaving their day jobs to head to the villa, and back in 2019, Olivia featured in Joseph Garrett’s clip, ordering ice cream. Now look at her! Growth!

Michelle Keegan has MORE connections to this cast, and has even wished an Islander luck?!

Olivia being her body double isn’t the only Love Island 2023 connection Michelle Keegan has, as she used to work with Lana, and has even extended her best wishes to her for the show. Casual!

via Instagram

Posting on her Instagram story about Lana appearing on the show, Michelle said: “Genuinely one of the nicest girls you’ll ever meet. Go and smash it darlin.” Replying to this, Lana said in a press interview: “That’s lovely. I worked with Michelle on Brassic, which is a series that runs for like six months at a time. So I’ve spent a lot of time with Michelle, she’s so beautiful inside and out. So that’s really lovely to hear.”

Lana is a celebrity makeup artist, so that’s probably where this rogue connection came from.

Farmer Will has a connection to a previous winner

The Love Island producers keep their circles small, and this year it’s already been revealed Will has a connection to previous winner, Finn Tapp.

In an interview with The Metro, Finn said: “I had a pal of mine message me recently saying, ‘Oh do you remember Will from football?’ And apparently he was at the academy when I was there, the year above me.” Finn said following the realisation, he’s rooting for the farmer on the show.

Fans have apparently ‘worked out’ the first two villa ‘fights’ between some of the girls

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Yes, really. The Sun is reporting viewers have worked out a big feud between two of the girls, which will boil into being the first fight in the villa. Apparently people are “convinced” potential bombshell Ellie and Tanyel will be “at loggerheads” with one person saying Ellie’s answers to the Love Island interview questions in her into were “sassy” and she’s coming for Tanyel.

“She’s gonna bring drama and I’m not complaining, I feel her and Tanyel are going to fight,” one person said in the comments. “She’s giving me Megan Barton-Hanson vibes,” another said. We’ll have to wait and see!

Plus, people noticed Anna-May giving Lana a sneaky side-eye during the first coupling, which they’re saying could lead to something more later on.

Bombshell Tom has been granted leave by his football team for the show

We’ve heard stories in the past of footballers going on the show and not telling their teams, who end up livid and left in the lurch. But fear not! New Islander Tom has been granted temporary leave by Macclesfield FC to appear in the villa.

A Macclesfield FC statement read: “Macclesfield FC can confirm the club has granted Tom Clare an extended period of leave in order to appear in this year’s Love Island competition. Tom approached us with the request a number of weeks ago and we were happy to show the same loyalty he has to us since becoming one of our first-ever signings back in 2021.

“Despite the fact that we are disappointed to lose a player of Tom’s calibre for the foreseeable future, we also recognise the incredible opportunity that this represents for both him and his family on a personal level.” The statement concluded by wishing him luck on the show.

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