Meet Tom: The 6ft5 footballer who is the first bombshell of Love Island 2023

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The first bombshell of winter Love Island 2023 is here – and it’s in the form of a gorgeous footballer, Tom Clare. Bombshells always cause a stir in the villa, and the entrance of Tom means one of the boys could be at risk, so yes, drama is about to follow.

Tom has said he’s looking for someone to marry, so he’s definitely going to make the most of his time on the show. Before he takes the Love Island 2023 villa by storm, here’s everything you need to know about Tom.

Tom Clare from Love Island 2023

Tom in his Love Island 2023 promo shoot

Love Island bombshell Tom is 23, and from Barnsley

23-year-old Tom is a semi-pro footballer from Barnsley. He’s 6ft5, in case you’re wondering. When asked why he wants to be on Love Island, Tom said: “I want to meet someone. It’s good going out and having a laugh but I miss sharing stuff. Life’s too short. These opportunities don’t come around often.”

Tom says he will bring a good vibe and loyalty to the Love Island villa

Tom described himself as a “a good laugh” and “a good vibe”, ahead of going on the show. “I’m not snakey, I don’t like that kind of stuff,” he said. “If I’ve got an issue with someone I’ll speak to them.” He added that he’s loyal, trustworthy and family-orientated. “I don’t like to just sit in, I like to do fun dates. I’m very protective,” he said.

But, he said his friends and family would describe him differently. “Obviously my mum thinks I’m the most amazing person in the world,” he said. “She thinks I’m the best thing ever, bless her. My family know how loyal and genuine I am. I’d just do anything for anyone and I always treat someone how they treat me. I judge people on how they are with me. My friends would think I’m a good laugh, a top guy to be around, probably take all the girls off them.”

Tom Clare from Love Island 2023

via Instagram @tomclare__

‘The next person I get with, I want to marry’

Tom’s not here to make friends or mess around, he’s here to find a wife. When asked why he’s single right now, he said: “Since my ex-girlfriend, no-one’s really come to me and I’ve thought, ‘Wow’. Until I have that, I’m not really going to settle for less. Not in a bad way, but the next person I get with, I want to marry.”

So, what gives Tom the ick?

This year, the Islanders have revealed they have some pretty ridiculous icks. When asked what his is, Tom said it’s when someone’s stuck up. “They can be a 10/10 but if they’re stuck up,” he said. “Another one for me is bad oral hygiene and a random one is ‘birthday make-up’ – you know when make-up is done professionally for an event and it’s just too much, like blue eyeshadow and stuff? Girls don’t need that.” Ummm, love being told this by a guy. Sure.

Tom Clare from Love Island 2023

via Instagram @tomclare__

Tom has been granted leave by his football team for the show

We’ve heard stories in the past of footballers going on the show and not telling their teams, who end up livid and left in the lurch. But fear not! Tom has been granted temporary leave by Macclesfield FC to appear in the villa.

A Macclesfield FC statement read: “Macclesfield FC can confirm the club has granted Tom Clare an extended period of leave in order to appear in this year’s Love Island competition. Tom approached us with the request a number of weeks ago and we were happy to show the same loyalty he has to us since becoming one of our first-ever signings back in 2021.

“Despite the fact that we are disappointed to lose a player of Tom’s calibre for the foreseeable future, we also recognise the incredible opportunity that this represents for both him and his family on a personal level.”

He has 16.7k followers on Instagram

At the time of publishing, Tom has just under 17k followers on Instagram. This year, all social media accounts belonging to the Islanders will remain dormant whilst they are in the villa, but if you want countless pics of Tom playing football and on holiday, you can follow him at @tomclare__.

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