the apprentice 2023 candidates universities

This is where all The Apprentice 2023 candidates went to uni

One was a rugby boy!!

The Apprentice 2023 is well underway, with candidates tearing up the boardroom with some pretty horrendous tasks and big blunders. We know they’re awful at making bao buns, but you may be shocked to discover that quite a lot of The Apprentice 2023 candidates have actual degrees from actual universities. A lot of them studied economics or other business-y degrees, but some of them mixed it up a bit for us, and one was even a rugby boy!

These are the universities the candidates of The Apprentice 2023 did, and the degrees they studied:

Avi Sharma

Avi graduated from the Uni of Nottingham in 2019 with a 2:1 in economics. He’s said that the uni rounded up his 59 per cent average – lucky! He joined the economics society whilst at uni but has said he was kicked out after lying on his CV, awks.

During his graduation ceremony, Avi danced and blowed kisses to his friends who were cheering him on as he crossed the stage. After leaving uni, he worked in Barclays for three years before going on The Apprentice.

Joseph Phillips

Joseph went to Exeter, but studied at the uni’s Penryn campus in Falmouth in Cornwall. He graduated from uni in 2020 with a first in zoology.

Judging from his Instagram, Joe was an avid member of the uni’s rugby club throughout his time at uni and also did a lot of surfing. Before going to uni Joe did a lot of travelling, including going interrailing, to Thailand and Vietnam, but it’s not clear whether this was a gap yah or not.

Whilst at uni, Joe set up a brand to “encapsulate” Cornwall’s “unique lifestyle”, and sells lip balm that is sustainable and ocean-friendly. He’s now a safari guide in South Africa.

Marnie Swindells

Marnie studied history and politics at Goldsmiths in London, graduating in 2015. In an Instagram post she’s spoken about moving to London aged 18 and living in “some crummy student digs with six strangers”. She went to to do a graduate diploma in law at BPP Law School and has worked as a court advocate, as well as setting up a boxing club.

Shazia Hussain

Like Marnie, Shazia also went to Goldsmiths in London. She graduated in 2003 with a degree in media and communication, part of societies including dance and tennis. She was also a writer and photographer for a monthly student publication. Since graduating Shazia has worked in recruitment in various companies.

Sohail Chowdhary

Sohail went to the Uni of Southampton, graduating in 2016 with a degree in economics and management sciences. He was the co-founder and vice president of the uni’s consulting society. Since graduating, Sohail has worked in various roles in finance, naturally, and has founded a martial arts company.

Gregory Ebbs

Gregory graduated in 2017 from Aberystwyth University in Wales. He got a 2:1 in international relations and military history – no confirmation yet on whether he wrote his diss on cannons or not. Whilst at uni, Gregory did a whole load of societies, according to his LinkedIn, including karate, reenactment, debating and surfing.

He did an Erasmus placement at the University of Wroclaw in Poland, and went on to do a Master’s at the Uni of Malta, graduating from that in 2019. He’s now a Lib Dem local councillor and runs an antiques website.

Megan Hornby

the apprentice 2023 candidates universities

Megan went to the Uni of Hull and got a first in criminology. She graduated in 2019 and was part of the university’s football team. Megan now runs a sweet shop company, also in Hull.

Reece Donnelly

Reece Donnelly The Apprentice

Reece graduated in 2017 with a drama degree from the University of Sunderland. Reece auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent at the age of 15 and at the time hoped he’d be a trailblazer and become the first person to successfully try acting on the show. He adapted a piece from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown which included a monologue and got the judges to participate.

He’s also been on Waterloo road and a T-Mobile advert, iconic. After leaving uni Reece founded a Scottish theatre school and college.

Denisha Kaur Bharj

Denisha went to the University of Northampton and got a first in accounting and finance. Since graduating in 2016, she’s worked in finance and is currently a financial controller as well as the founder of her own lashes business.

Simba Rwambiwa

the apprentice 2023 candidates universities

Simba has a degree in business and management from Aston Business School, which he finished in 2018. He’s worked in healthcare for 10 years, first working as a carer and now is managing director of a care company.

Now you know the universities the candidates went to, you’ll be pleased to hear that The Apprentice 2023 continues at 9pm on Thursdays, on BBC One and iPlayer. For all the latest reality TV news, gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

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