Reece Donnelly The Apprentice

Meet Reece: The Apprentice candidate and ex-Waterloo Road actor hoping to stun Lord Sugar

Not to mention the fact his brother is a convicted murderer

The Apprentice 2023 has got off to a flying start, the first episode wasn’t full of memorable moments but I can already tell the cast are iconic – one of them being Reece Donnelly.

Actor Reece Donnelly has been on telly since he was a kid and now he’s hoping to stun Lord Sugar and slay the business world. According to The Sun, Reece founded the Theatre School of Scotland at the age of 20 in 2017. But that wasn’t the start of his theatrical career, here’s everything you need to know about The Apprentice’s Reece Donnelly.

Reece has had a fair few stints on our TV screens

So Reece Donnelly actually auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent aged 15 back in 2012. At the time, Reece hoped to be the person who would blaze the trail by being the first person to successfully try acting on Britain’s Got Talent. For his audition, he adapted a piece from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. It included a monologue and participation from the judges.

He was also reportedly on Waterloo Road as well as a T-Mobile advert on our tellies. His theatre school profile says Reece has been in the industry since he was aged six, securing a role with CBBC on Carrie and David’s Popshop. After that was when he went on to appear in Waterloo Road and even do some voiceover bits for the NHS and Nickelodeon – quite the CV.

In 2017 Reece founded the Theatre School of Scotland and Theatre College of Scotland which made him the youngest college owner in the UK. In 2018 he made The Sunday Mail’s Young Scot Awards final.

Reece Donnelly’s brother is currently serving life in prison

Reece Donnelly’s brother is serving life in prison for a violent murder outside a Glasgow tower block. Reports say Reece’s brother Nico was jailed in 2016 for brutally stabbing another man to death. Reece’s 29-year-old half-brother has been given extra time whilst in prison for violent behaviour. Apparently Reece and his brother were “never close as they grew older their lives were poles apart.”

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