The Apprentice 2023 week one memes

Fire the cannon and enjoy these 22 memes about last night’s return of The Apprentice

Can’t get over the candidates being forced to wear full business attire on the beach

If there’s one thing better than The Apprentice returning to our screens for 2023, it’s that the memes and laughs on Twitter will be as good as the episode itself – and week one was no exception. Live tweeting and roasting the candidates is all part of the fun – I know Lord Sugar fancies himself as Peter Kay with his boardroom one liners, but the real comedians in this game have a Twitter account. Here are the funniest memes from week one of The Apprentice 2023!

1. Too accurate

2. The sigh of relief the boys must have let out when they saw the cannons

3. They all blur into one, soz

4. These tweets are like clockwork every year and I LOVE IT

5. Feel like pure shit just want Bouji Cruises back

6. Scripture tbh

7. Gammons are shaking


9. And that’s my prerogative

10. Couldn’t think of a fresher hell

11. This video is the gift that keeps on giving

12. Elizabeth our timeless queen

13. No I’m dead hahaha

14. Force a few laughs for an investment? OH go on

15. BBC have a lifetime supply

16. … Boaf!

17. She mothered with that line idc

18. God tier

19. Honestly I don’t think it ever will

20. There’s a Simpsons meme for everything

21. Non-existent personal space

22. Worth every penny

The Apprentice 2023 starts at 9pm on Thursday 5th January, on BBC One and iPlayer – see if any of these predictions come true!

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