Love Island promo pics are always awful – here’s what 2023’s Islanders *actually* look like

The photographer did them DIRTY

The cast of winter Love Island 2023 has finally been announced – but as per, the promo photos leave a little to be desired. These promo shoots have never been great – they majorly do the Islanders dirty, and half the time the pictures we see look nothing like the people we end up getting to know in the villa.

What’s with the poses they all end up doing? Is this the Zara website? And why is the background colour so gross? So let’s cut all of this out, and allow everyone to see what the Islanders *actually* look like. Here’s a much better selection of photos from the Instagrams belonging to the Love Island 2023 cast, so you can really see their vibes.

Tanya Manhenga

Instagram photos of the cast of winter Love Island 2023

via Instagram @talkswithtt_

22-year-old Tanya gives main character energy. Her photos from the Love Island 2023 cast promo shoot were really far away, so you couldn’t really see just how stunning she is. Drop the skincare and makeup routine, please.

Tanya is a biomedical science student and model, and is an ambassador for huge brands Boohoo, Simmi shoes and Ego. She was rumoured to be an Islander before the official cast was announced, with it being said Love Island bosses had lined her up to be this year’s “brains and beauty” Islander.

Kai Fagan

via Instagram @kaifagan_

People are already calling teacher Kai the best looking Islander the show has ever had – and I see it. Tbf, his photographer pic wasn’t actually all that bad, but I don’t think a bad picture of this man has ever been taken.

He’s 24, from Manchester, and teaches science and PE. Fun fact – Kai has THREE degrees from three different unis.

Lana Jenkins

Instagram photos of the cast of winter Love Island 2023

via Instagram @lanajenkinss

Ummm, I don’t recall this gal being in the lineup? Lana’s promo pic didn’t reflect just how much of a vibe she is. Her Instagram is full of fun pictures of her on holiday with friends, and her gorg outfits – I’m here for it.

Lana is 25 and a makeup artist from Luton. She does makeup for celebs, and her additional claim to fame is that she used to live in Spain, and was an extra in Benidorm when she was six!

Ron Hall

via Instagram @ronhall__

25-year-old Ron is from Essex and works as a financial advisor. He joins the Love Island 2023 cast as the first ever partially sighted Islander. He lost sight in one of his eyes following an injury playing football when he was younger. He has said being partially sighted has “added to his character” and is “a good conversation starter”.

Ron only has eight Instagram posts, so you can’t really gather much about him from his feed. He has some pictures with friends, and one carousel post of him in front of loads of trainers. Interesting?

Anna-May Robey

Instagram photos of the cast of winter Love Island 2023

via Instagram @annamayrobey

Ok Anna-May? She is beautiful?! All of Anna’s photos on Instagram are her looking immaculate on nights out and in selfies. If I looked like her I’d probably take a photo of my face every day, too.

Anna-May is the youngest Islander this year, aged 20. She is from Swansea and currently works as a payroll administrator. She said she wants to go on Love Island as she’s ready for a boyfriend and to find someone who makes her laugh.

Will Young

via Instagram @farmer_will_

Ok – I think we all know what farmer Will actually looks like in real life from all his TikToks, but here you go anyway. 22-year-old Will is from Buckinghamshire, and has over a million TikTok followers, with videos showing us into his farmer life.

When asked why Love Island, 23-year-old Will said: “Having grown up on a farm, it’s been quite difficult juggling relationships and work. Love Island will give me time away from the farm to solely go out and find love. I think I’m at the time of my life where I’m mature enough to go and find a wife.”

Tanyel Revan

Instagram photos of the cast of winter Love Island 2023

via Instagram @tanyelrevan

26-year-old Tanyel is a hair stylist from north London. If you go on her Instagram, you’d think the feed belongs to an influencer with a million followers. It’s all posed outfit pics and trips to Dubai. She’s ready for this life, she truly is.

Shaq Muhammad

24-year-old Shaq is from London and currently works in airport security. He admitted he hasn’t had the best luck in previous relationships, so thought Love Island might be a good place to change that. He said he hopes his future wife is waiting for him in the villa.

Shaq doesn’t have many pics on Instagram, and he’s almost always wearing sunglasses – so we’ll probably have to wait until he’s in the villa to get a full idea of his vibe.

Olivia Hawkins

via Instagram @livhawkinss

Olivia’s Instagram is EVERYTHING. She really is giving 10/10 selfies every single time. Every pic is immaculate, and in some it’s like looking directly at Louise Thompson from Made in Chelsea?!

Olivia is 27, and a ring girl and actress from Brighton. She has a few very interesting claims to fame, including being a body double for Michelle Keegan and Emma Watson. She also once played a waitress in James Bond, has been a ring girl for KSI, and did a film with Jason Statham. Casual!

Haris Namani

Instagram photos of the cast of winter Love Island 2023

via Instagram @haris_namanii

In short, Haris looks like every lad you meet on a European party holiday – so he should fit in perfectly in the villa. He’s 21, a TV car salesman, and most of his Insta pics are him in Ibiza. Classic.

Ahead of joining the villa, Haris said he definitely isn’t like every other lad, describing himself as “different and unique”, with a “not awkward” confidence. “I’m friendly, I’m very respectful as well,” he said. “Anyone who meets me, I don’t think they have anything bad to say about me.”

Winter Love Island 2023 starts on January 16th. For all the latest Love Island news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

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