There’s a theory about what the first big Love Island 2023 twist will be and I’m convinced

I cannot WAIT

Winter Love Island 2023 starts next week, and I for one cannot wait – and now there’s a TikTok theory about what the first big twist of the series will be, and it’s pretty juicy.

Right now there have been 10 brand new fit Islanders announced – five boys and five girls. But now people have a theory and are saying normally 11 contestants are announced – with one extra boy or girl, and they’re the first bombshell of the series. Think Davide from last year with his iconic “did anyone order an Italian snack?” line.

People are thinking that this first bombshell of 2023 hasn’t been announced yet – because it’s going to be an ex-Love Island contestant. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty convinced.

Right now there’s exactly the same amount of boys and girls, which will mean a perfect amount of Islanders for couples and no bombshells to shake things up, people think “there’s got to be some kind of plot twist”.

TikTok user @makeupbyash.x, who has posted about the theory, said: “I think Love Island either have a new layout for us that we are just not aware of yet, or they’re going to pull an Adam Collard and bring back an original” Love Islander.

She said: “Obviously they did switch it up last year and they did the whole vote on the apps, so I feel like they’re more likely to keep the whole matching process the same and give us a little bit of a curveball by bringing in a bombshell that they just don’t want to release yet.”

Last year Love Island brought back ex-Islander Adam Collard as a sort of “ultimate bombshell”. He ended up coupling up with Paige and not doing much else. They left the villa together but didn’t last long in the outside world.

The TikToker said: “Adam Collard definitely shook things up yet because absolutely no one was expecting them to bring back an ex-Islander, whereas I think this year we’re already anticipating that they’re going to bring someone back, people are already requesting their favourite Islanders to come back. Their way of potentially surprising us is to bring them in as the first bombshell.”

After Adam’s shock appearance last year, people have been speculating that Love Island is going to bring another old Islander back for the 2023 series. 2019’s Arabella Chi has been rumoured, as well as Joanna Chimonides, also from the 2019 series.

At the start of this month, Arabella wrote on Instagram: “Super excited for the year ahead coming back on your tv screens this month so keep your eyes peeled as you won’t want to miss it 👀”. And Joanna has apparently posted an Instagram in Cape Town, where the winter Love Island series is being filmed.

Adam Collard himself has said he’d be happy to go back in for a third time (lol), and also hinted at Love Island 2018’s Megan Barton Hanson potentially going back to the villa. He told the Sun: “I think Megan Barton Hanson would be good because she’s the female equivalent of me, and there’s a reason why they put me back in there.”

And Love Island’s presenter Maya Jama has also weighed in. When asked who she’d like to see return like Adam did, she said 2017’s Theo Campbell. She said: “Theo! I found him hilarious. That line about ‘leave with them’ – it was that. We were all feeling it and Theo actually said it. You need that honesty sometimes!”

As well as ex-Love Islanders, there are other potential bombshells in the contestants who were rumoured to be on the winter 2023 series but haven’t yet been announced. One of them is Brad McDermott, ex-Islander Zara’s brother!

Winter Love Island 2023 starts on January 16th. For all the latest Love Island news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

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