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A roundup of the most eye-watering amounts people have spent on Prime at Wakey Wines

One girl spent more than the price of a brand new MacBook on 12 cans

What’s the most expensive shop in Wakey? WAKEY WINES! I mean, I don’t know that for sure, obviously – but you do find bottles of the KSI and Logan Paul energy drink Prime there for £100 a bottle, so you’re breaking the bank if you need a bit of hydration whether you like it or not. But who are the people actually willing to spend a lot of money on Prime at Wakey Wines, and just how much cash are they parting with for the viral drink? Let’s see just what kind of insane amounts of money people have spent on Prime at Wakey Wines.



Family came from Lincolnshire and spent £1070 on prime bottles cans and WFD sweets whats the best shop in wakey! Wakey wines#wakeywines #wfdsweets #prime #fyp

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Let’s think about other things you could spend a grand on. You could buy a new iPhone, or a new MacBook. But now – these fellas spent it on a few bottles of Prime and some bags of WFD sweets (which have seemingly replaced the old Cold Candy that Wakey Wines was flogging). The Lincolnshire fellas are thrilled with their purchase.

£100 for ONE CAN


Wakey Wines 2nd customers from Liverpool for a Prime Can! £100 #wakeywines #wfdsweets #primecan

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Look, them other lads spent a grand. But Claire from Liverpool was willing to spend a 10th of that on ONE CAN. ONE CAN OF PRIME. Claire, please explain yourself.



All the way from Sheffield to buy a 12 pack of prime cans#wakeywines #wfdsweets

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The blonde gal in this video spent £1200 on a 12 pack of Prime. I’m seriously trying to think about what I’d need a drink to do for me to be willing to pay that. I would want the drink to give me eternal life. As far as I’ve seen, this is the most money anyone’s spent on Prime at Wakey Wines. So far.

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