Wakey Wines furthest travelled

From Essex to Edinburgh: The longest journeys made to get some Prime from Wakey Wines

Abdul coming closer for these people is not a want but a need

You don’t have to look very hard on TikTok to see that people are trekking from all and sundry to go to Wakey Wines in Yorkshire for some Prime. It’s the kind of thing that I as a 26-year-old am in disbelief about – a weird viral trend and craze that makes me think – god, I’m an adult now. It’s over my head. And when I explain to my dad that people are trekking to a random shop in Wakefield for Prime he almost evaporates in confusion. He’s quite similar to a Victorian orphan in that way – Wakey Wines would put one in a coma. But just how far has the UK’s most gullible mooched to get Prime? Here’s the longest ways and furthest people have travelled to go to Wakey Wines.

Birmingham to Wakey – 110 miles


Family from Birmingham came to wakey wines for prime and WFD sweets #wakeywines #wfdsweets

♬ original sound – Bingo Bingo Gala Bingo📍

Starting off on the smaller end of the trek, but a trek all the same. You’re looking at a four hour round drive trip here.

Newcastle to Wakey – 183 miles


All the way from Newcastle for WFD sweets and Japanese Fanta #wakeywines #wfdsweets

♬ original sound – Bingo Bingo Gala Bingo📍

This lot didn’t even get Prime! What’s going ON!!!

London to Wakey – 184 miles


This family came all the way from Hatton gardens in London for WFD sweets and can of new prime#wfdsweets #wakeywines

♬ original sound – Bingo Bingo Gala Bingo📍

In a recent video, a bunch of kids and a mum have trekked all the way from Hatton Gardens in London to Wakefield for Prime. They say in the video it took them three hours to get there, making it a six hour all in round trip. 184 miles!

Edinburgh to Wakey – 226 miles


These boys came all the way from Edinburgh for some prime and WFD sweets #wakeywines #wfdsweets

♬ original sound – Bingo Bingo Gala Bingo📍

If you trekked from Edinburgh to Wakefield like these lads, you’d be looking at an all round journey there and back of over eight hours in the car. Prime must really hit different.

Belfast to Wakey – 301 miles

BELFAST TO WAKEFIELD? Oh come on darlin’! Did they get a hotel? I need more info and I need it now.

Australia to Wakey – 9448 miles

Not having this. But if they’re telling the truth, going across the globe is certainly the furthest anyone has travelled to get to Wakey Wines.

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