Waterloo Road moments trivia quiz

Quiz: How well do you remember the most ridiculous moments from classic Waterloo Road?

Wait, how did Sambuca die?

Waterloo Road was the wildest drama on TV back in its day. It’s now back for a reboot, but we can sure as hell guarantee this will never top the drama we once had. So let’s relive some of the most batshit moments of all time and see how well you remember them all, in a trivia quiz to take us down Waterloo Road memory lane.

It’s 2008. A Wednesday night. Waterloo Road is about to start, swiftly followed by The Apprentice. You can’t wait to see if Lauren blames Sambuca for why drugs have been found on campus, or who will be the next client in Chlo’s popup hairdressing salon in the playground. If you’re lucky, tonight’s episode might contain a wild house party or someone falling off the roof of the school, which happened surprisingly more often than you’d imagine.

There were heartbreaking deaths in every series, pupils having affairs with their teachers, fights on the school grounds, and I will never forget when the whole school just got on a coach and moved to a new place, and nobody said a word about how that might be a bit strange.

So, how well do you actually remember all of this? In the quiz below, you’re about to find out. Good luck!

Take this trivia quiz to see how well you remember the wildest moments in classic Waterloo Road:

The Waterloo Road reboot and all the episodes of the original Waterloo Road series are available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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