These are officially the horniest cities in the UK during lockdown

Peak if you’re number 1

Apart from the worldwide pandemic going on, the number one thing we all have in common is how bloody horny we are. For those who are single and not currently isolated with anyone they can sleep with, it’s been a long two and a half months of zero sex. Whilst sexual frustration seems to be the running theme throughout the UK, it turns out certain cities are coping better than others with their horniness. A new survey by From Mars has revealed the cities who are the horniest during lockdown.

For those fighting to win this horny badge of honour, the city who is the most sexually frustrated during lockdown is Edinburgh. 20 per cent of people in the city said they had felt frustrated during lockdown. Closely following them is Southampton where 20 per cent of people also said they had felt frustrated during lockdown. If these numbers prove anything, it’s that horniness cannot be confined to the north or the south, we all want to get some.

At the other end of the spectrum it turns out the people in Leeds are either getting loads of sex or they’re just not that turned on at the moment as only 7 per cent of residents saying they felt sexually frustrated.

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This is the full of list of the cities experiencing the most sexual frustration:

1. Edinburgh

20 per cent of people in Edinburgh are feeling particularly horny during lockdown however only 14 per cent of residents said lockdown had a negative effect on their sex lives.

2. Southampton

Southampton just isn’t getting any, so no different to usual then. 20 per cent of people are feeling sexually frustrated and 29 per cent of people think lockdown has had a negative impact on their sex lives.

3. Norwich

Again nothing shocking here over the lack of sex. Norwich reported 19 per cent of residents were feeling sexually frustrated. But they’re also the city that’s having the most sex during the work day. Maybe Zoom calls do turn people on?

4. Belfast

19 per cent of people in Belfast are feeling sexually frustrated during lockdown, which is not surprising as 19 per cent of them also think lockdown has had a negative effective on their sex lives.

5. Nottingham

In the midlands they’re also struggling with not getting any. 17 per cent of Nottingham said they were feeling very horny during lockdown.

6. Bristol

The reason Bristol may be so high up on this list is that only 4 per cent of people are having sex during the nine to five work day, leading to 15 per cent of people being sexually frustrated.

7. Birmingham

14 per cent of Bristol residents reported feeling sexually frustrated during lockdown.

8. Newcastle

Newcastle is also struggling with feeling horny at 14 per cent of people and they’re also one of the top cities feeling lockdown has negatively impacted their sex lives.

9. London

Our capital city is equally as frustrated as Birmingham and Newcastle at 14 per cent, but 12 per cent of Londoners are having sex during the day so that’s something.

10. Cardiff

God there are a lot of cities in the UK with 14 per cent of it’s residents sexually frustrated. And Cardiff also reported 16 per cent of residents feeling lockdown had not been good for their sex lives.

11. Sheffield

This is the last city that has 14 per cent horny rate, I swear.

12. Glasgow

The Scots broke the trend with 13 per cent of Glaswegians reporting feeling horny during lockdown.

13. Brighton

We’re now going back down south to the vegans who only have 11 per cent of their residents experiencing sexual frustration. This is probably because 11 per cent of them are having sex during the work day.

14. Liverpool

Only 11 per cent of people living in Liverpool reported feeling horny during lockdown. Lucky for some.

15. Manchester

Manchester doesn’t seem to be struggling too much with their horniness as only 9 per cent of residents felt sexually frustrated during lockdown.

16. Plymouth

Plymouth is also doing remarkably well getting laid during lockdown. Only 7 per cent of people said they felt sexually frustrated in lockdown, probably because 19 per cent of them are having sex when they should be doing work.

17. Leeds

Well done Leeds, you’re the least horny, congrats for getting laid. 7 per cent of Leeds residents said they felt horny during lockdown.

All data provided by From Mars.

Featured Image credit: JJ’s Coventry 

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