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How to have sex for longer than a minute

In all seriousness

One minute sex is great and all, but sometimes it’s nice to go for a bit longer. Not that I mind you finding me that attractive, but somewhere around the 20 minutes ballpark would also be nice.

No tea or shade, but here’s the guide on how to have sex that lasts longer than a minute, for when you need to:

Have more sex

Honestly, having more sex will might help you train your sexual endurance. If you don’t masturbate often, this might actually help slow you down.


Some men who meditate report that they can last longer during the sexual act than they were able to before. Train to control your mind and the rest will follow.

Take it super slow

You don’t need to start off quickly, just take it easy and thrust few seconds or so, slowly building momentum.

Try a cock ring

A penis ring will trap blood in the penis for longer and increases the total amount of blood in the penis for a stronger erection.

Focus on them instead of focusing on yourself so much

When you’re having sex for yourself and are only in tune with how you’re feeling, it’s so much easier to come quicker. But if you focus on your partner and what’s making them feel good, you will stop concentrating on how good it feels for you as much, therefore lasting longer.

Masturbate beforehand

Pretty obvious solution, but if you have some prep masturbation, it might help you last longer during the real thing.

Or just go again a few minutes after

Most men can just bounce back after the first round, meaning you’ll be slightly more desensitised the second time round.

Try edging

Edging is when you feel close to an orgasm, but stop and try take your mind off for a few seconds. This will help you last longer and have a more intense orgasm.

Do pelvic floor exercises

Kegel exercises help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and improve your chances of orgasm. But the same exercise can help treat premature ejaculation in men.

Try new things in bed

Trying a position that you’ve never done before means your mind doesn’t associate it with you coming quickly. But doing the same old sex position does. Concentrating on a new position will help take your mind off having a quick orgasm.

Use thicker condoms

Sure, it will feel different to using a super thin one or not using one at all, but it might help slow you down by desensitising your penis. It doesn’t mean you won’t have as an intense orgasm, it will just take longer.

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