How to finger yourself – from girls, to girls

It’s an art which you can now master

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Knowing how to get yourself off and how to finger yourself is one of the most important skills you can possess. Not only does it make you more in tune with your body, but it also means you’re aware of what you want from sex.

Look, we all do it, and there’s no shame in talking about it or knowing how to finger yourself. But because female masturbation is such a taboo topic, it means that not that many of us don’t.

Don’t worry though – we we’ve written the ultimate guide to female orgasms through masturbation and you’re going to thank us for it:

You need to be in the right headspace, so relax

Make sure you don’t rush. Ensure you have privacy and won’t be interrupted.

Watch porn to get yourself in the mood

There’s no stigma and no one will know apart from your search history. If boys can watch it, so can you. It’ll make you come 10 times faster though, so don’t watch it if you’re in for the long ride.

Use a vibrator and your fingers simultaneously for a mega orgasm

A useful tip when learning how to finger yourself, invest in a vibrator cos they’re fun and feel awesome whatever they’re touching. They’re best when used alongside rubbing your clit.

If you haven’t located it yet, don’t spend your whole time trying to find your G-spot

You’ll end up getting pissed off and frustrated that apparently everyone else in the world has managed to find it apart from you, and it’ll leave you jabbering away in an awkward position getting further and further away from actually coming.

While recent studies have proved that it is (in fact) real, only around 18 per cent of vagina-owners can *actually* find it. So try not to worry if you can’t – we promise you’re not “weird.”

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Don’t expect to come from just fingering yourself

It’s all about the clit, that’s where the money is. When you’ve worked out how to finger yourself, you’ll realise the clit plays a very important part.

Try varying pressures on your clit

Like you would want a guy to tease you if he was fingering you, tease yourself!!!!! Going from really lightly touching to aggressively rubbing is all fine, but keep mixing it up.

If you can’t access porn, turn yourself on

Sometimes wearing some beaut lingerie and being like I’M FIT can actually get you pretty turned on.

Use two fingers when fingering yourself

One can feel a bit like the first time a guy awkwardly fingered you, and three or four will feel like you’re in a porno (and might hurt). Apparently you’re meant to finger yourself in a ‘come here’ motion, but personally I haven’t got a fucking clue what that does.

If you don’t start feeling something straight away, don’t freak out. It is a PROCESS and takes time to come if you aren’t super turned on from the off-set.

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Use lube if things are getting dry down there

The last thing you need is a blister down there (I know someone this happened to, ouchie)

Butt plugs, not as scary as they sound

Granted, not everyone is a big fan of the idea of a sex toy where the sun doesn’t shine BUT you won’t know until you try. If you’re into it, they work wonders. It’s an extra bit of pleasure with no work required. You can start with some as little as your pinky finger.

Keep a good rhythm on your clit, that makes it easier to come

It will help you build the momentum to a solid orgasm.

Masturbate with your partner

It’s fun. Hilarious. You teach each other new stuff, you’re literally showing them how to make you come and omg, it changes your sex life forever. Just try it, I dare you.

If there’s a special someone in your life, pick up the phone

You can either try some dirty talk over the phone to help you along, or maybe even try filming short Snapchat clips to tease each other. It’ll drive them crazy, in turn driving you there too.

Have confidence in yourself

There’s honestly nothing wrong with you masturbating. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself. Have confidence that you can do this, and you’re allowed to do this. Focus on your body, what you enjoy and you’ll have the best time. Take the other girls advice, keep a good rhythm, focus on your clit, add some saucyness with a vibrator and you’ll have a life changing experience.

Think of it this way: if you don’t know how your body works, how will anyone else? The bedroom is one of the most amazing places to experiment and the best person to start with is yourself.

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