The story of Jack Renshaw: The ex-Manchester student and paedophile who plotted a murder

Lewis Capaldi has been spotted serving up sausage rolls in Greggs

We don’t deserve him

THREE new girls going on Love Island 2019 have been revealed!!!


This is who you’re going to turn into when you move to London

Guildford girls work in PR and spend £8 on tuna poke every day

Tuition fees for science subjects might be rising to £13,500 a year

Fees for arts degrees could drop to £6,500

Sultan of Brunei returns honorary degree from Oxford over gay death penalty

This is the second honorary degree he has lost

This new ‘horrifying’ Chernobyl series is being called a ‘masterpiece’

It’s overtaken David Attenborough’s Planet Earth as the highest rated TV show in history

Lewis Capaldi was getting the pints in at a Bristol student club on Monday

And you missed him because you were ‘revising’

The BBC are making a documentary about the Warwick group chat scandal

It will be released on the 28th May

Are Cambridge porters actually the guardians of the port? An investigation


Plus size model Jada Sezer is going on Love Island 2019

Love Island is responding to calls to increase body diversity

KCL lecturer calls remainer a ‘f*cking traitor’ and pokes him with flagpole

The same lecturer once compared LGBT activists to Nazis

Meet the whole NEW cast for season two of Netflix’s You!!

Good luck to them all with Joe about!!!

Criminology third years were given the wrong exam paper

They were given the paper intended to be the August resit exam

Rihanna lives in north west London and shops at Sainsbury’s?!?

Since WHEN????

BAME students at Bristol are a third less likely to get a first. Meet the campaigners fighting to change that

The BME for Success Program supports the experience and success of BAME students

I compared my Cardiff University experience to my Mum’s

Honestly, I don’t know how she coped without VK

I compared my Cardiff University experience to my Mum’s

Honestly, I don’t know how she coped without VK

Inside the luxury villa where the Made in Chelsea cast stayed in Cape Town

It costs £8,500 per night

Oxford Uni promises 25 per cent of places will be for disadvantaged students

There will be an extra 250 places for those from deprived areas