This fresher is organising strobe-free nights at the SU for students with photosensitive epilepsy

Fyre Festival: The luxury event turned disaster that scammed the world

‘The biggest event of the decade, I promise you’ was the founder’s biggest lie

Suspect pleads not guilty to the murder of Lincoln grad Grace Millane

The 27-year-old man appeared in court on Wednesday morning

Megan sends for Wes’ Dancing On Ice partner AGAIN and says she doesn’t regret the Insta story

It’s shade o’clock

University of Liverpool could face legal action over academic sanctions

The Office for Students told us the uni could be sued under ‘unfair terms legislation’

King’s has ‘humanely killed’ over 600,000 animals for scientific research since 2015

Over 131,100 animals were killed last year

A King’s fresher was diagnosed with brain cancer after a routine eye test

She thought she had freshers’ flu

Shipwrecked is back for 2019: Here’s everything we know about the new series

The cast list is to be confirmed

Judge tells sacked Lincoln lecturer he wasn’t discriminated against for being ‘anti-PC’

UKIP’s current branch chairman and former social policy lecturer claims his left-wing colleagues ‘hounded’ him out

Liverpool Uni accused of racism for only translating ‘cheating’ into Chinese in email to all international students

The university have since issued an apology

Meet the Softboi: The guy about to suffocate you with his sensitivity

*Goes to Berlin once*

Jack and Dani come clean about what REALLY happened when they broke up

Finally the answers we need

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