Inside the £2 million mansion the St Andrews billionaire fresher and staff are said to be living in

‘Spit or Swallow’ beer mats placed inside Leeds freshers’ room

The mats were placed inside welcome boxes for when freshers arrived at their halls

University staff asked people what gender they were as they entered Sheffield SU gender-neutral toilet

The university has issued an apology over the incident

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I guess I’ll just die alone then x

Members of Edinburgh’s Pole Dancing Society were sexually harassed at the Activities Fair

A male fresher asked if there was ‘spectators pole dancing’

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Her family asked how she wanted to celebrate, Bongo’s Bingo was the answer

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‘Honestly it’s like an orgasm but better, like ten times better’

‘Spit or swallow’ beer mats put in Sussex freshers’ welcome boxes

The campaign has been branded as ‘sexual harassment’

A club in Bristol is going to play ‘Africa’ by Toto on repeat all night long

I bless the rains down in Africaaaa

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They’re having a laugh and there’s nothing you can do

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Unity Health was put into special measures by regulators for a series of failings