Woman who met with Grace Millane’s killer speaks out about their Tinder date

These 25 Spotify Wrapped 2019 memes are actually TOO funny

Imagine being an Apple Music user right now lmao

There’s a FULL trailer for winter Love Island so winter is already over


Bouncer sacked for saying student ‘too ugly to worry about getting raped’

The club has apologised ‘wholeheartedly’ for the bouncer’s remarks

Soton Uni XR group pretend to be sleeping politicians in climate protest

‘Time to wake up’: Corbyn, Johnson and Swinson were caught sleeping

The biggest celeb transformations of the decade to prove you’re not ugly, just poor

Wooooow okkkkk

Lottie and Lewis reportedly got together in secret during Apprentice filming

They had a ‘night of passion’

Netflix has just released the first full trailer for You season two

Hold me I can’t breath

YouTube has revealed its most watched videos of 2019 and wow, what a year

Obviously Gordon Ramsay is on here

Greta Thunberg recommended as Rector at Glasgow University

Previous rectors include Winnie Mandela and Edward Snowden

Netflix is allegedly blocking fans who leak new show’s predictable twist end

I mean, was any attempt to hide the ending made?

Dani Dyer tweeted about how ‘beautiful’ Soton is and we’re confused

She’s clearly not in Portswood

Scientists have developed a contraceptive pill you only take once-a-month

I’m listening

Reading Uni accuse student of assault after protestors clash with security

They’ve suspended a student

A Birmingham student is selling Old Joe Christmas jumpers for charity and they’re absolutely iconic

Old Joe bongs, Old Joe bongs, bonging all the way

Pro-choice students cover up pro-life imagery at Cardiff protest

They chanted ‘spread your hate somewhere else’

Occupying students hold makeshift rave in Trent building to support strikes

Better than Stealth to be fair

These are the 23 best Twitter reactions to *that* Christmas Peloton advert

Just look at the pain in her EYES

Say hello to Anne-Sophie Flury: Neuroscientist and girlfriend of Roman Kemp

I want a piece of her life

YouTubers FaZe Banks and Alissa Violet are having the messiest breakup beef on Twitter

She’s ‘exposing’ him and leaking screenshots