Here’s what each song on Ariana Grande’s new album would be like on a night out in York

We can’t be friends is SO sobbing in the Salvos smoking area


Ariana Grande just dropped her seventh album, Eternal Sunshine, and I have a lot of feelings. After a year filled with rumours about her divorce and relationship with Wicked co-star, Ethan Slater, the album delves into pain and heartbreak with a hopeful mindset.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster full of dance-able bops; from heartbreak and anxiety to self-confidence and friendship. It may be a divorce album but it covers a lot of emotions York students experience on a night out.

In the spirit of that, here’s what every song on Eternal Sunshine would be like on a student night out in York:

Intro (end of the world)

“Then I had this interaction I’ve been thinking bout for like five weeks”

You’re in your flat kitchen trying to pre for girl’s night, and Intro is glued to her phone waiting for her latest situationship to reply. She’s a hopeless romantic, always leaving the Morrell with a new library crush, but bless her she doesn’t pick ’em well (probably another Langwith boy). Put her phone on silent and get her a blue shit, she’s earned it.


“boy, bye” 

With its disco undertones, you know she’s a Flares girlie. Bye is the girl in the toilets that overhears you complaining about a boy and within seconds is there, wiping your tears, hyping you up and telling you to dump him. She’s the best of us.

Don’t wanna break up again

“This situationship has to end” 

If bye is wiping tears, its don’t wanna break up again that’s sobbing in the Flares toilet over her on-again off-again situationship. She’s been through it, she’s conflicted, and she’s vowing off Rugby boys for good.

Saturn Returns Interlude

“It’s time for you to get real about life and sort out who you really are”

The night is over, your head is spinning, your ears are ringing, and you’ve found yourself in Salt and Pepper. Over a box of cheesy chips, Saturn Returns is the friend you have those deep, philosophical chats with. You’re sorting your lives out, putting the world to right, and you won’t remember this conversation in the morning.

Eternal sunshine

“won’t break”

For a song about a break up, I just get impeccable vibes. She’s a girl’s girl for sure, no matter what she’s going through, she’s there for you. Whether she’s getting you water cause you’ve over Jägerbomb-ed or holding your hand down the stairs in Kuda, she’s a good egg.

I feel like she’d be dishing out great advice about staying positive too, considering her response to seeing her ex with a new girl is “hope you feel alright when you’re in her”. She might have gotten her heartbroken but she’s gonna float above it and you have to admire that.


“This love’s possessing me but I don’t mind at all”

I feel like Supernatural is the friend that keeps going missing, stressing everyone else out. The song is about a love that feels magical, unreal, supernatural, if you will.

She’s delusional and she’s happy, just maybe make her leave Snap Maps on.

True Story

“I’ll play the villain if you need me to” 

She’s confident and doesn’t care if people dislike her for it. You’re tryna leave Stone Roses to get in the club queue but she’s preoccupied having an argument and you’re not sure if its over a spilled drink or something political.

The boy is mine

“Something about him is made for somebody like me”

She’s leaving Salvos with someone you’ve never seen before claiming she’s in love. Go for it queen, it’s good for the plot.

Yes, and?

“Be your own fucking best friend” 

Eternal Sunshine’s lead single is unbothered, unfiltered, and here to boogie. She’s in the middle of the Flares dance floor and she doesn’t care if you think the music is cheesy. She’ll tell you how it is and stop you making terrible decisions because the lights are dim.

We can’t be friends (wait for your love)

“Me and my truth sit in silence, babygirl it’s just me and you” 

Undeniably the main character of the night, We can’t be friends is off in the Salvos smoking area having a moment of self-reflection letting Jason Reilly fade into the background.

The production on this song sounds like standing outside of a club, fresh out of a bad breakup, picking your teary-eyed self up and embracing what’s next, and that’s exactly what you’d find her doing on a student night out in York.

I wish I hated you

“I wish I hated you, I wish that weren’t true”

She’s heartbroken and she needs a hug. Hearing Ariana tear up at the end of this song is soul shattering as she lays out her conflicting thoughts about a breakup to figure out how she feels.

I wish I hated you set off for Wednesday Salvos to prove how over her ex she is but one drink in she’s crying and wants some chips. If Eternal Sunshine says anything it’s that healing is a journey; get her to Efes and get her to bed, she’ll get there.

Imperfect for you

“Fucked up, anxious, too much… messy, completely distressed” 

Waking up in Tang Hall with hangxiety.

Ordinary things (feat. Nonna)

“I don’t need no diamonds, just your time” 

As much as Ordinary Things is a romantic love song, she’d be the friend sat on the pavement outside MacDonald’s at 4am crying about how much she “loves you guys”. Emotional and a bit of a lightweight, she’s grateful for the little things in life, but you will have to carry her home.

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