Greg James has accused Ed Gamble of eating Long Boi on an episode of the Great British Menu

‘Did you make sausages out of my friend, Long Boi the duck?’

BBC Radio 1 host, Greg James, has accused famous comedian and Great British Menu Judge, Ed Gamble, of eating the Uni of York’s legendary Long Boi.

This accusation took place on Greg’s BBC 1 Radio All-day Breakfast show on February 9th, titled “Longboi: The Full Enquiry.”

Greg James, a significant devotee of the famous duck has admitted that he has been “obsessed with Britain’s tallest duck, Long Boi, for a long long time.” He said, “I had made my peace, tried to stop talking about it, but I think we have found a conclusion to the story” consequently sparking more questions about the duck’s passing.

The iconic duck, known for being unusually tall and incredibly friendly, passed away nine months ago, a dramatic event as people questioned whether he was truly dead. Time has passed and just as we thought we could peacefully mourn Long Boi’s passing, more fuel has been added to the fire.

Greg was left horrified after seeing a clip of Ed Gamble eating a dish on the Great British Menuwhich was called “Big Bren’s Runner Duck” which consisted of a “duck neck sausage”, saying “Oh God…oh not the neck please. Why the neck?” We can now see why Greg declared Ed is “stressing me out.”

This dish was created by Cal Byerley with Olympic medal winner and local legend Brendan Foster being the inspiration behind it. The meal consisted of confit duck legs, barbecued duck crown, duck neck sausage, duck gravy and a smoked duck fat muffin. This was created in Cal Byerley’s Northumerland restaurant which Greg noticed was “not a million miles away from York”, leaving him saying “I am slightly concerned here…”

Greg James concluded, “I don’t want to put too fine a point on it…but I think Ed Gamble’s eaten Long Boi.”

He dramatically added, “I don’t know what to think anymore.” He said, “I was a big fan up to this point, but if he’s eaten my friend then,  things might have to change.”

This “heinous” horror did not end here. Ed Gamble’s fellow stand-up and co-host of the Off Menu podcast James Acaster was later weclomed onto Greg’s show.


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James said, “You have no idea what you have stumbled across here. You’re going to regret it. This man will not stop.

“Long Boi is the tip of the iceberg. You’re talking about the bloke who has eaten every Blue Peter pet that’s existed in his lifetime and delighted in it.

“He’s got to be stopped. He keeps talking about the golden dish. Long Boi is not the end. Look, I shouldn’t even tell you this. He’s going for Pudsey.” This left Greg hysterically sobbing at this “harrowing stuff”, fearing who Ed was “eating next.”

Greg consequently decided to confront Ed Gamble on his show, asking Ed, “Did you make sausages out of my friend, Long Boi the duck?”

Ed replied by pointing the blame at Cal, but did say, “I eat good food Greg. I do the Off Menu podcast, I do the Great British MenuYour tastes do get to a point where the finest foods don’t do it anymore so you need to maybe stray into the area of famous animals which famous taste all the sweeter.”

Greg and his radio team could only laugh in shock and then he jokingly shouted, “Stop laughing at him! You’re encouraging a murderer!”

Greg then moved onto asking Ed about whether Pudsey Bear, the bear with the eye-patch who is the mascot of Children In Need, was “on the hitlist” and Ed replied saying, “I’ve already had one of his eyes.”

When Greg asked Ed what the tastiest famous animal he had ever eaten, Ed replied saying, “theres a fair few but I will say with Long Boi, he was absolutley delicious.” I think we have every right to begin fearing “evil” Ed.

Cal Byerley was then welcomed onto the show and Greg asked him, “Did you cook Long Boi”. Cal replied saying ,”I’m finding it curious now that the butcher in York only had one runner duck but it must be a coincidence. Surely?” Cal confirmed that the runner duck was truly “sourced in York.”

Greg, horrified at this imformation, said, “You might have actually eaten Long Boi!”

So, is Ed Gamble the answer behind Long Boi’s sudden disappearance? Was he really cheffed up by Cal Byerley and happily consumed by Ed?

We desperately need answers. Residents of York have been through enough. RIP Long Boi (again).

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