York has been voted the safest city for a night out

Not only the best place for a night out, but also the safest

The importance of safety on a night out is crucial and thus, York students will be glad to know that York has been ranked the safest place for a night out in the UK in a survey conducted by Get Licensed.

York was given an overall highest score of 9.66/10, scoring best in all areas ranging from “worries of being mugged or robbed”, “worries of being victim of a violent hate crime”, and “safety walking alone at night”.

York has beaten cities such as Cambridge, Oxford, and Edinburgh.

York scored highest on the Numbeo safety index score at 75.35/100, lowest in regards to worries of being robbed or mugged at 17.02/100, lowest in regards to worries of being victim of a violent hate crime at 12.12/100, and highest in terms of safety walking alone at night at 75.87/100.

The survey notes how York scored particularly well at being a safe place for walking home alone at night, scoring 75.87/100 in this category.

In its explanation it further says: “It seems that York’s reputation for being a friendly is well-founded, and the top spot in our ranking is equally well-earned.”

York was followed shortly by Telford which scored 9.33/10, and Norwich which scored 8.61/10.

The survey used Numbeo’s safety data to track a range of safety-related factors for each town and city.

The full rankings for the safest place for a night out can be found here.

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