I got drunk at every bar on York’s campus and here’s what I learned

VK buckets are surprisingly lethal

Visiting all of the student bars in a week isn’t a big deal, right? We all did that and more in Freshers’ Week and to be honest I’ve probably done this whole challenge by accident a few times since then. So, here is an overview of all of what York’s on campus bars have to offer.

The Vanbrugh Arms

The first bar on the list is Vanbrugh Arms, which probably has the best pub vibe of all of the drinking places on campus. I visited on a Monday evening and thanks to the live jazz music, it was absolutely packed. I spent ten minutes in a queue that didn’t move trying to get my pint of Carling (vile, but cheap) before realising that the girls in front of me weren’t actually in the queue at all and I’d been standing next to a group of strangers for far longer than is socially acceptable.

Jazz night was overall a fun experience and one that I would definitely recommend, especially if you live on campus and it’s right on your doorstep.

D Bar

D Bar was slightly confusing to say the least. The vibes were pretty good but it’s hard to tell where the bar actually starts because it looks a lot like someone sectioned off a piece of the dining hall. The main draw is definitely a Cheeky D, which is kind of like a blue shit but replaces the vodka with port. It tasted good and was reasonably priced so I definitely can’t complain.

They also sell VK buckets which are unbelievably sweet and make you feel very sick but are perfect if you’re looking for a sugar rush during pres.

The Courtyard

Wednesday’s bar was Courtyard. What is it about Courtyard that makes it so popular? Maybe it’s the location, set right into Derwent College, just close enough for students leaving the Spring Lane to silently agree to go for a post-lecture pint. Maybe it’s the vibes, Courtyard looks just like a Spoons. You can huddle into a booth  and get nachos delivered straight to your table which is the best after a long day. 

In short, Courtyard is good. The location is really convenient and the TV screens are perfect for all you sports lovers out there. 


Glasshouse on east campus is strange and at times it doesn’t really feel like a bar. Karaoke night is not one of those times, however, as the place is heaving. The queues to buy a drink are much better defined on karaoke night but are so much longer.

The songs are good though, and the more I drank, the better Langwith College got at singing. One of my friends took karaoke a bit far and ended up with her head in the toilet, but other than that it was a great night and one that I would definitely recommend. 

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