Oxford devil room

Oxford student unlocks door in halls to find a terrifying devil room complete with blood

He’s been living next to it for an entire YEAR

A student at The University of Oxford has unlocked a door in his halls bedroom to find a terrifying devil room complete with blood, skulls, a rabbit sacrifice and a creepy message. He’s been living next to it unknowingly for an entire year. I fear I would simply pass away.

Sam Wagman is a final year history student at St John’s College Oxford and, after living in his uni room for over a year, finally decided to open the locked door that was in his bedroom on his final day.

But when they picked the lock and opened the door, they found a scene which genuinely resembles a horror movie. A skull, alongside candles and a creepy severed rabbit teddy head, are all placed around a star drawn out in what looks like blood.

Via X (@WagmanSam)

The locked room features writing on the wall, again written in blood, with a quote from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It reads: “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir beware.” Not an Oxford student genuinely finding his own Chamber of Secrets in his uni bedroom.

This is what is written on the wall in blood the second Harry Potter film. Obviously, the whole thing is a lot more creepy when you remember that Harry Potter was actually partly filmed at the University of Oxford.

Oxford devil room

Via X (@WagmanSam)

Sam tweeted about the terrifying finding, He said: “For context: in my final year uni room there has always been a padlocked door. Yesterday (my final day), we picked it open.” This means his been going about his business, SLEEPING and whatever else, in blissful ignorance of the actual hell that lay behind the locked door for a full year. This is all too much.

The tweet now has over 290k likes, with people in the replies either actually terrified, or laughing at how it must have been left as a joke by a previous student in the room. One person said: “You have not been sleeping with that around all year my god” but another person added: “Na someone did that on purpose for when someone would open the padlocked door, they’re just fucking with you.” For Sam’s sake, I’m really hoping for the latter right now. 

Oxford devil room

Via X (@WagmanSam)

But, although it’s actually something out of a horror film, this is not the first time that a creepy secret room has been found in uni accommodation, with some students finding a basement filled with handcuffs, blood and chains in their Leeds Uni student house.

Hand up if you’re also not sleeping tonight!

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