Oxford University world ranking 2024

Oxford University rises in new world university ranking to narrowly beat Cambridge

The university now ranks third in the world overall

University of Oxford has risen in a new world ranking for 2024 by a singular place meaning it has now overtaken it’s main competitor, Cambridge University.

The university now ranks as third in the world overall only eclipsed by Imperial College London and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US, according to the QS World University Ranking.

The ranking, which began in 2012, has seen Oxford reach second in the world at its peak in 2022 and sixth in the world at its lowest most recently in 2o18.

This year, the university received an overall score of 96.9 out of 100 which was based on a number of factors including employer reputation, academic reputation, and sustainability.

Oxford achieved a perfect score of 100 in five categories including academic reputation and employment outcomes, but only 85 in the sustainability category.

The university also scored well in a number of subjects, with Oxford being ranked first in the world for four subjects: Anatomy and physiology, Anthropology, English literature and language, and Geography. It’s lowest ranking subject is Architecture which sits at joint 28th place in the world.

It also ranked in the top 10 in the world for a whooping 46 further subjects, including all engineering degrees, maths, philosophy and chemistry.

Oxford may not have beat Imperial College London this time, but there’s one university we can always be sure to beat. Nearby Oxford Brookes lived up to its unofficial “motto” of Brookes not books, dropping three place since last year and coming at 416th in the world. Brookes saw it’s peak at 324th in 2016.

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