The official Nottingham hangover survival guide

Regretting your existence today? We have you covered

Now you may be one of the very few blessed individuals who wake up the next day as if nothing ever happened (If that’s you I hate you with all my heart), or you may be normal and wake up thinking you are in hell with your mouth dry, craving nothing but endless amounts of water and suffering severe hangiexty. If this is you, you’re like me and you know the pain of having to write off whole days just waiting for your body to function normally again. There are, however, things you can do that will soothe the jitters. Here are some of the best ways to not completely regret your existence and help you on your road to recovery.

Wallow in your bed

Hangovers suck. Often your body feels heavy and your brain foggy. Sometimes it’s best to sleep the day away and act as if you’re in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory playing the role of his grandparents.

Sorry, Molly-Mae these 24 hours will be spent doing nothing but wallowing in self-pity with the added treat of some chicken nuggets.

Go to Spoons (not for more drinks)

You probably had pres there the night before, so why not make a grand return the next day looking unrecognisably rough?

Spoons is great. It’s cheap, cheerful and more importantly you can look like an absolute mess and no one will judge as they’re either starting the day drinking or in the exact same position as you.

So swap the vodka for unlimited coffee and three small plates and eat the hangover away.

Visit Besco (Beeston Tesco)

Besco aka best Tesco or Beeston Tesco is a great way to spend your forced day off. It got its nickname for a reason, this tesco offers all the goods. You can stack up on those all-essential hangover snacks (grabbing the weekly shop as you go), browse away in the home section and avoid the alcohol aisle like the plague.

Treat yourself at Pudding Pantry

Whilst you may not mind returning to spoons, others may not want to re-enter those doors for a while and quite frankly that’s valid. The memories of last night may be too soon to relive, so why not swap spoons for something a little more high-end like Pudding Pantry?

Dedicated to serving the best brunch, Pudding Pantry allows you to satisfy your savoury needs with that all-essential fry-up or sweeten up your life with the best pancakes you’ll ever eat.

Take a stroll at Wollaton Hall

Let’s be honest, when you wake up after a night out you are not feeling fresh. So why not fake it till you make it and go outside?

Not only will a nice walk wake you up and in some cases reduce the nausea, but it’s also a great way to get those 10k steps and burn off the mega munch you inhaled the night before.

Visit as many charity shops as possible

Last night you probably did many things that would send a Victorian child into a coma, so why not build the karma points back up by giving back to charity?

Notts has such an excellent thrifting scene, try the Oxfam on Market Street for all your books and music needs or take a trip to any number of charity shops strewn along Beeston’s main high street. You simply can’t go wrong with some retail therapy whilst appeasing the higher powers with your charitable nature.

Relax at the Savoy Cinema

Sometimes you simply need an ice blast to take away the pain of yesterday. What’s better than the Savoy? It’s cheap, local and it’s a dark room where everyone is silent. Sounds like bliss for a hangover.

Silent study in the library

Hangiexty may be screaming at you, and you may have woken up realising going out was a terrible choice and you are very behind with work. Get yourself to the silent study area ASAP. It’s quiet and warm, and if you take a nap in the library it still counts as being productive. Hallward is probably a better bet for fighting the morning after, you definitely do not need to be bumping into everyone you know in George Green.

 Hit the gym

For all you gym rats, if you think you can hack it why not go to the gym? Not only will working up a sweat help get the alcohol out of your system, but you can also get any frustration out from the night before. Probably not a good place to be though if you’re suffering from crippling hanxiety. I can think of little worse than seeing the wrong person while dishevelled, desperately trying to focus on any sort of exercise.

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