Feeling old Here are 14 signs that you’re a final year Nottingham student

Let’s face it you’re a hermit at your designated library

Final year is rough, not only does it make up the majority of your grade, but it also marks the end of an era. Often you feel yourself longing to go back to first year where your only worry is what to wear on your fifth night out that week. Now, your nights are spent in the same pair of joggers having mild mental breakdowns, listening to sad playlists while contemplating why you even chose to do that dissertation you now hate.

If you can relate to any of these 14 things then I feel sorry for you and know you’re not alone and your pain is felt by us all:

Weekend library seshes in Silent Study are the new Rock City

Weekends used to be spent either recovering from Friday Ocean and the hangover of hell, or spending your day procrastinating till pres. Now you find yourself sitting in the library hating anyone who even opens a crisp packet in silent study. Your night is spent drinking Red Bull without the vodka and reading endless papers you promised your diss supervisor you would have reviewed by next meeting, or attempting the mountain of coursework you have.

Unfortunately, not even the fun of a Rebel Rebel night or even a Sunday cell for you edgier students is worth the risk of graduating with a 2:2.

You no longer like your degree

Finally, its ok to admit that after three years of studying your subject that you absolutely hate it and never want to do it again. Fortunately for you, degrees give you transferable skills, so ditch the subject and apply for whatever you want – within reason obviously. Don’t apply for medicine with a degree in theatre, as unless its Greys Anatomy you won’t get the job.

You get cringed out by a fresh in the club

On the rare occasions you do go out you find yourself feeling old and having a midlife crisis in crisis. You now find yourself cringing at the line of hands walking to the bathroom that you once led, the constant snap stories with flash, or even worse the pickup lines of a first year trying to take you back to halls. Its fine to admit you simply can’t hack the clubs anymore, it’s simply part of the circle of life – out with the old and in with the new.

Hangovers last years and you’re constantly tired

I don’t know why but since hitting third year hangovers feel like year long modules – back in first year we would brush them off easily. Now recovery is a process and can see you whipped out for the day, even without a hangover you’re constantly shattered and find yourself needing naps to survive the day.

You actually attend your lectures and speak to the lecturers

When it comes to third year skipping is not an option. Lecturers are mean and exams will break you – not only is the content worth more, but it can also be harder. Moreover, you find yourself finally needing references – meaning you actually have to speak to your tutor who probably doesn’t even know you exist.

You no longer care about your appearance on campus

Whilst I hope you’re still maintaining basic hygiene-  in third year appearance becomes the least of your worries and five day greasy hair is the new cargos and a crop top. To be frank, it’s almost weird if you look put together.

You’ve finally started eating decent meals or you’ve become feral

In third year you can go down two routes when it comes to food. You are either finally eating well after spending the last years learning how to cook rice properly and have mastered gourmet meals that aren’t just pesto pasta. Realistically you have more to worry about in third year than health and getting your five a day, so if this is you don’t worry, you can be reintroduced to vegetables in the holidays.

LinkedIn is your new Instagram

Third year marks the end of your uni journey, life is finally getting real and its time to make decisions – you either do a masters or phd and endure further hell, or you need to get serious and enter the job market. Now, you find browsing LinkedIn is becoming a hobby- comparing yourself to others makes you realise you’re either employable or useless – there is no in between. It’s brutal.

You’ve dedicated the year to trying more food places

It’s a right of passage to sit on the Mowgli swing at least once in your life. This year is the year you finally decide to swap Mega Munch for finer cuisine. Notts has so many great food places to offer, from DoughNotts for a sweet treat to places such as Annies Burger Shack for a main meal. So why not spend the year acting like a food critic on a student discount and trying all the best spots in town.

You’ve began scheduling midweek activities

Third year and spontaneous may as well be oxymorons. Now you find yourself having to schedule mid week activities – whether its going to places like Nottingham Bowl for a game or two, Goose fair, golf or even the Christmas market, these events must be planned and timetabled in. You actually find yourself swapping club nights for more wholesome nights like a lads nights at the pub that ends at 11pm, allowing you to still make your 9ams. or for the girlies, spa nights and wine become your new preferred method of spending your evening.

You’re more concerned about your graduation outfit than your exams

Despite hibernating in the library constantly and looking like a hermit, realistically you spend every break contemplating and shopping for graduation outfits, despite looking and feeling like an absolute mess.

Whether its suits and ties or dresses you cant help but be excited for the Instagram pictures that not only show you looking fit, but flexing that degree you have earned. However, avoid captioning those pics “one degree hotter” when you do post to the grid – or risk being basic and cringe.

You are no longer terrified of the campus geese

It may have take you three years to admit this but the university beasts are now cute, and realistically you’re going to miss them when you graduate – even if they do hiss at you.

You want to settle down

In third year there is no stability in life – you feel so much pressure all the time that its normal you want some comfort and stability. Pulling in the club is effort and you don’t have the time for that, instead you find yourself seeking something more permeant and want a consistent shoulder to cry on during referencing your diss and the exam period.

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