10 experiences you’re bound to have as a Nottingham student

If you haven’t experienced these 10 things, you’re doing it wrong

University is undeniably a very personal experience, with many saying it’s the best years of your life. It’s three years of personal growth and ups and downs however, there are definitely some universal experiences every student will have at some point in Nottingham.

Everyone’s uni years are unique to them. That being said, some things are simply a rite of passage for all Notts students. From costume shopping to dragging yourself up the hills around campus, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 experiences every one of us is bound to have during our time here:

1. Domino’s in Freshers’ Week

Let’s be real, the only reason people go to the freshers fair is for the £5 Domino’s vouchers. I pity the Domino’s staff who, every night for the first two weeks, have to deal with hoards of Nottingham students coming in droves to redeem their cheap dinner. But it is undeniably worth it for us and probably the highlight of the start of the year.

2. Trips to Luvyababes for all costume needs

Luvyababes, located in the Victoria Centre, is the best place to go for any dress up event from Halloween to a themed social. Any costume you can think of, I can guaranteev Luvyababes will have it. More often than not you’ll come out with a completely different costume to the one you originally planned on buying, but that’s the beauty of it!

3. Running/hiding from tram ticket inspectors

If you try and say you’ve never got the tram without buying a ticket, I quite simply don’t believe you. Nothing tops the fear that is instilled in you when you see those high vis jackets in the carriage further down. There are a few options here, quickly buy a ticket or…run. On the way back from a drunken night out the latter always seems like the best option but, trust me, it never is. Just pay for your tram tickets!

4. Being double parked at Sheaves

Nothing is more annoying than the £5 card minimum at The Three Wheatsheaves, because who ever carries cash in these post-Covid times? You have no choice but to be double parked with two beers all night. Alternatively, and my personal favourite solution, you can invest in a pitcher of beer to last you most of the evening.

5. The dreaded full 903 bus

There is nothing worse than being ready to go home after a long day of lectures and the library and seeing the mammoth queue for the 903. It arrives and everyone pushes forward to get on, but the doors close before you can make it…we have all experienced this disappointment.

6. Trying to get a booth in AvoCafé

Avo is the perfect spot in Lenton to study over a coffee. It’s always warm, has the best playlist and overall brings the best vibes. Unfortunately, it’s deserved popularity means it is extremely hard to get a booth and the disappointment of not getting one is a feeling I am all too familiar with…

7. Going to Lenton Rec as soon as the sun appears

Lenton Rec is a popular spot for students especially in the summer. At the slightest chance of sun, we all flock there, tinnies in hand to catch a tan and mess around with our friends. There are no better days spent in third term than these ones!

8. Walking up the hills on campus

It’s inarguable that the Uni Park campus is beautiful, but the hills are killer. It’s certainly a humbling experience to walk around campus and feel the wheeze begin. It’s a challenge not to stop halfway up, but my ego is far too strong so I’ll force myself to near death before I will show any signs that the hill has defeated me.

9. Meeting by the Lions

If you are meeting someone in town, you meet by the lions outside the Council House (the big building with a dome on it). This is a well known fact by all Nottingham residents, students or otherwise. Personally I prefer the left lion, but as long as you are by one of them, I’m sure your friends will find you.

10. Ring of Fire

Perhaps the most popular drinking game, Ring of Fire is vital at every house or flat party regardless of the occasion. This game is lethal though and is responsible for many chunders and drunken mistakes…play with caution!

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