Everything that happens in a day in the life of a final year Notts Student

Final year can still be fun

Final year can be very hectic, to say the least as you try to juggle the academically most challenging year of your degree with applications to either grad jobs or postgrad study can be tricky. Not to mention trying to have a social life and staying in touch with friends.   The days of clubbing three times a week and still getting to all your 9am lectures are over. But don’t worry it’s not all doom and gloom, us third years do still get up to some fun stuff, some even say its the best year out of your whole uni career.  I study maths and economics, so if you’ve ever wondered what we get up to on a daily basis then here is what a typical day looks like:


I told myself that I would get up 9am and take the day seriously, so naturally I didn’t get up while half past. As per usual I went downstairs, poured myself some cereal and made the perfect cup of tea, it is categorically impossible to survive final year without your staple morning hit of caffeine. By the way this is the correct shade of tea – I will not accept any other answers.


Despite the rainy weather I forced myself to go for a run. Campus was very quiet with most people presumably nursing their crisis hangovers in the bed – I couldn’t get a ticket this week, and who honestly has the time in final year. It was absolute pouring down with rain because when is it not in Notts? I did manage to get around campus and back. When I finally got back to mine I spent 20 minutes recovering, contemplating my life decisions and aimlessly scrolling through TikTok followed by a shower. I made myself a sandwich and another spot on brew, which I had while catching up on a lecture – yes a month into uni and already playing catch up.


I had three hours of lectures today, a relatively busy day in third year for most. Luckily I didn’t have to start until 2pm with a lecture for my  micro-econometric methods module in Monica Partridge. It could be worse, just thankful it wasn’t a 9am. It was a good job I had the time to catch up on my lecture earlier else I would have understood literally none of this.


After this, I immediately had to hike over to the Pope Building for a two hour lecture in electromagnetism. Incidentally, I’ve been at uni for over two years now and this the first lecture I’ve ever answered a question in – I’m just thankful I got it right. Despite that miraculous event this was an interesting yet uneventful lecture. All in all it was a pretty standard day of lectures and nothing too exciting.


In the evening I had plans to see a course mate who was doing a placement year in London but had come back to Nottingham to visit. He came round to mine for a quick house tour – he was very impressed at the lack of damp and mould. Then we were off on the bus into town. After 15 minutes wandering round the city centre realising we should have researched and decided were we wanted to go before hand, we settled on Pizzamisu. The pizzas were banging and they were easily able to accommodate for my friend being gluten free. Only problem was I forgot to take photo until I’d eaten half of it – whoops.


Finally, we headed to the Whistle & Flute for a few drinks to round out the evening and generally to put the world to rights before I hopped on the 36 bus home to Beeston – yes I know Lenton is superior.

This day definitely shows I’ve grown up a lot since first and second year, Thursday two for one at Rock City would have been calling my name last year. This year however, me and my friends are trying to go out less, do more uni work and generally be slightly less feral and so far we think it’s working.

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