We asked Notts students for the worst housemate stories: Here are the most traumatic ones

Just hope you’ve never had to deal with any of this

Moving in with a set of new friends at university is always a super exciting experience. Living with some of your best mates, house parties, late-night chats, and cooking together—what could go wrong? Whilst for most students the experience of living with housemates is a fairly normal one, these poor souls will have you second-guessing the choice to live with your fellow students in Nottingham.

We asked you guys for your craziest and weirdest housemate stories, and boy did you deliver. Use these stories as a warning to see what you might be up against, hopefully you have not had to contend with anything like these during at any point of your uni career. From dead crows to being locked out of your own bedrooms to accommodate socials, here are all the craziest housemate stories:

What in the dishwasher?

Cleanliness is a staple trait when picking your housemates; everyone knows this. Maybe this poor housemate overestimated his friend’s hygiene, as he described the strange story of how his fellow housemate “went crazy and sh*t in the dishwasher”. To be honest, we have many questions. Was it for revenge? Why the dishwasher? Did she turn it on afterwards? Somethings are probably better left unsaid, yikes.

Dead crow in the freezer

Freezer space can tend to be a subject of argument for many housemates, but not for this house. Unfortunately, one house has packed up using their freezer all together after they discovered that someone had been keeping a dead crow in the freezer. When questioned, the apparent excuse was taxidermy—basically, their housemate wanted to stuff a crow for display. No hate to taxidermy, but maybe using a shared freezer space for these kinds of things is unwise, to put it lightly.

Group orgy?

This housemate described the ‘unsettling’, shall we say, experience of coming home to see all of their fellow housemates…well, engaging in some personal acts. Frankly, we’re not here to judge, but we can’t help but assume these ‘acts’ were probably taking place in a fairly open space, so say goodbye to sitting on the sofa for a while, my friend. I hope they cleaned up after, lol.

Hello fresh?

No, we’re not talking about the food delivery service.

This student came home to find her ground-floor bedroom completely full of sports freshers, after her housemate decided to host a Wednesday social at their house. Weirdly for this poor girl, these freshers had also been locked in her room until they could finish eating a pack of raw onions. So obviously, she spent the rest of her evening locked out of her room. I’d be fuming, tbh.

Bit too clean?

Continuing the theme of being locked in a room, one student claims that when she was in halls, a stranger from Lenton Hall decided to lock themselves in her bathroom for a solid half an hour in an attempt to steal their loofah. Funnily enough, it was binned shortly afterwards anyway.

Keeping your sanitary pads

Some housemate stories are weird, but also funny. But this should be illegal.

A group of friends living together had noticed a strange smell wafting through the house. Typical student accommodation, right? Must be damp. You’d wish it was damp compared to what they found. After further investigation, it was discovered that one girl had been storing used  sanitary pads in her bedroom, causing such a stink that it traveled throughout the whole house. Honestly, we’d rather wake up smelling coffee in the morning than someone else’s used period products.

House pet

House pets are probably something that should be up for discussion, but not for one house in Nottingham. After catching a rat in a plastic box outside the house, one boy decided that the rat should be held in the house for safekeeping. You know, because leaving it out in the garden wasn’t good enough by his standards, anyway. Apparently, there was some serious house beef after someone let it outside.

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