University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University to merge from September 2023

The two universities will now become one known as Nottingham Universities

Leaked documents have revealed plans for University of Nottingham to “join forces” with Nottingham Trent University from September 2023 in a bid to unite the institutions and address financial and resource issues with accommodation in the city.

Both current students and those who have received offers for either university will receive lectures and seminars on both campuses from September. An initial pilot period will guide how logistically the operation will work, with suggestions that “UoN will start the merge by hosting Trent students for three days a week on University Park Campus”.

The UCAS process will reflect the unification of the two Nottingham universities. When asked to provide a comment, UCAS told The Tab Notts: “We can confirm that both Nottingham Trent and the University of Nottingham have requested we merge both institutions on our platform to display ‘Nottingham Universities’.

“This does not affect the validity of any prospective students’ offers but they should be reminded to check the new term dates if applicable and get in contact with their respective institution if necessary.”

Students have been questioning the move after a student tweeted a screenshot of their UCAS offer appearing to have changed from University of Nottingham to “Nottingham Universities”.

There will be a joint Welcome Week and mixed socials with both student unions hosting students from both universities. The change will also see campus libraries and accommodations open to all students at the two universities, with a new Student ID card provided to all, which students will be able to collect during Welcome Week 2023.

The documents also revealed a “buddy-up scheme” where a UoN student will be paired with a Trent student to encourage a “new path of friendship” between the two historically distinct institutions.

We wanted to gauge student reaction to the decision. Speaking with Joe Bunty, a first year economics student, Joe said: “I’m not too happy with the move. I worked hard to get into UoN and now I’m gonna have to share it with Trent people.”

Tasha Auburn, a second year Architectural Technology student said: “I’m not too bothered really. I’ve heard that UoN has a rubbish student union building. Trent’s is far superior, I’ll stay put here thanks.”

As part of the scheme, Ocean and Crisis Wednesday club nights will be open to all Notts students from September due to the merge, rather than being segregated into separate UoN and Trent nights.

In a statement, University of Nottingham said: “The move will maximise the resources and opportunities for all students meaning that the student experience is broadened and diversified”.

A statement from Nottingham Trent said: “We are well aware how the pandemic has impacted friendships and the student community experience and want this new chapter to bring people together in this post-covid world”.

Degree classifications for 2024 graduates onwards will be headed with “Nottingham Universities”.

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