Bowland College announces new college logo to come into effect by the new academic year

The new logo will be replacing the current logo of ‘The Bowland Lady’

Bowland College has announced that it will be taking on a new logo.

In an email sent to Bowland students, the college professed its hopes to have the new logo fully integrated by the new academic year, as it will be “gradually” incorporated over the coming months.

The new logo has been developed to provide a logo that all members of the college can “identify with”. The logo takes the form of a red bow and arrow, shaped like a B and a bird, with a circle enclosing it.

The college states that the logo represents a B for Bowland, a bow and arrow to retain the link to the Bowland Lady, a bird to represent the Forest of Bowland, and a circle to symbolise unity.

Bowland College has assured its members that although the “Bowland Lady” will no longer be the main logo, she will still remain prevalent on the Founders Shield and the large tapestry that stands in the foyer. The Bowland Lady Magazine will also be keeping its name.

The email, sent out to the college’s members, states: “Over the last 12 months we have worked with our student representatives and staff, conducted a survey, carried out two workshops and collaborated with a design company to capture emerging themes and translate these into a modern image that retains the history of the college.”

It continues: “As we move forward with our new logo, we hope it provides a positive symbol for all, and is a reflection of our commitment to our College Values of Empowerment, Pride, Inclusive and Community, together we are EPIC.”

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