Your guide to the Lancaster colleges, based on vibes, stereotypes and proximity to Greggs

Because it turns out people are still using an article of ours from 2019 (!) to pick their colleges x

It’s been revealed that most people’s first contact with the Lancaster Tab is almost always an article from December 2019, describing all of the colleges’ vibes and why you should pick each one. We’ve had three prime ministers, two campus occupations and a global pandemic since then, and we thought it was time we re-revealed what the true vibes and stereotypes of each college is now.

Now, it’s worth noting for any incoming freshers who have googled ‘Lancaster Colleges’ and are using this as your sole source of information that the only thing your college truly affects is the type of accommodation you have and where it is located on campus. It’s worth looking on the university website to see what kind of accommodation you want, and going from there.


County = chaos. They’re the biggest college, and they know it. There always seems to be some kind of party in one of the townhouses, usually advertised as a “chill evening in with friends”. The non-townhouse locations are generally a bit quieter, but not hugely. In terms of location, it’s great for English and LICA students who don’t want to walk very far, and seems to be packed with them as a result.


Bowland gets shat on a lot by the other colleges, mainly because they’re spread out and some of the accommodation is on the older side. On the plus, they’re closer to Greggs than anywhere else, as they are literally on top of Alexandra Square, so if you want to roll out of bed and grab a steak bake, this is the place for you. They also get Bowland Tower, so if you want epic views, it’s worth applying for this alone.


We’ve talked a lot about stereotypes, but Furness College doesn’t really have one. It’s very chill, quiet and tucked off to one side — if you’re not going directly to Furness to visit someone or to go home, you probably won’t end up there. That being said, it’s directly in the middle of the Spine, so it’s in a good location.


Fylde has a reputation as the sporty college, although no one knows where this comes from, as it’s not true. Is it that Fylde bar is a sports bar? Possibly. It’s extremely passionate about the Premier League,  the colour orange, and isn’t very big. It’s also the host to most of the bar sports, if pool is your thing. They’re also ideally located in the middle of the Spine, so you can get everywhere relatively quickly.


Ah, Grizedale. Firmly known on campus as the party college, this is down to the plethora of townhouses stuck firmly in the middle of campus, and the fact that Grizedale bar is the most popular on campus. This is a stereotype that is not wrongfully given either: if you see an OnlyLancs post about some mishap at a party, it’s almost always a Grizzie student.


Pendle’s reputation is undoubtedly wholesome, if a little quiet. They’re split across the main campus and South West, and don’t have a bar as such, instead having Pendle Brew, a gorgeous study space/cafe that serves drinks in the evening. Honestly, the smoothies are to die for. That’s very much the vibe of Pendle: you don’t really know what you’re going to get but it’s always good. (They also throw a bloody good extrav).


Only postgrads are in Graduate college. If you’re here, you’re old. You can’t apply here, you’re stuck in here with no choice. I’m sure they’re all lovely, but they’re also all stressed and studying, so no one ever really sees them.


Lonsdale is the first of the South West campus colleges, so if you’re headed down here, you’re committing to a good 10 to 20 minute walk to classes every day. The pro to this is it feels like you’re coming home at the end of every day, and you’re not living on top of your seminar rooms. Lonsdale is interestingly the college where you’re most likely to find really strong friendship groups formed, but also flatcest. Possibly because of its absolute lack of a bar.


Reputation equates Cartmel to posh, because it’s tucked away down the end of campus, and it’s all ensuite accommodation. In all honesty, no one knows why, because it’s exactly the same as Lonsdale. It’s a real community vibe, and it always throws really good events, but you are preparing for a long walk to get to classes every day.

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