Here are all the types of people you will find in a Lancaster University seminar

If you don’t know one, you probably are one x

Lancaster Uni seminars contain some of the most constant and reliable people you will ever meet. Every group is made up of the exact same personalities — from the chronically late one to the person who is constantly scrolling through Amazon.

With these people being the thing every student has in common, we’ve rounded up the definitive list of personalities you’ll have met in your Lancs seminars this year.

That is, if you manage to get up in time for a 9am.

The enigma

This person showed up to the first seminar of the year, and then quite possibly fell of the face of the earth. You’ll still see them, though, because somehow you run into them every time you’re in Sugar. Good luck being paired with this person in a group project, you won’t see them until the presentation.

The caffeine monster

Be it rain or shine, 9am on a Monday or 6pm on a Friday, their coffee cup is practically an extension of their body and soul. We’re not sure what it is, but there’s something about walking into LICA holding a fresh cup of coffee that makes you actually want to do the work. How their student loan copes with the constant caffeine purchases, however, we’ll never know.

The online shopper

This person has about a hundred tabs open on their laptop, and at least 75 per cent are filled with wishlists and shopping baskets. They’re constantly scrolling through Amazon and Boohoo, and you’ll definitely see them booking a holiday more than once. One look at their laptop screen will give you birthday present ideas for every family member down to your second cousin once removed.

The hungover one

Most of us have turned up to a seminar feeling run down and dizzy at least once after a night out, but in Thursday seminars, this happens more often than not. They’re probably on a sports team and spent Wednesday stuck in Sugar dressed as a British icon for their social, and while they’re not as addicted to coffee as the Costa-obsessed, they usually have a travel cup of caffeine at the ready.

The chronically late one

They’ll always be there, but never on time. You’ll see them wandering down the Spine 10 minutes after the seminar began. When they walk into the seminar 20 minutes late, you always wonder what the point in them coming was.

The rebel

AKA the person who turns up with zero forms of note-taking items. No laptop, no notebook, not even the notes app open on their phone. How do they cope?!

The thesaurus

There’s always one person whose sentences are filled with words that you, quite frankly, have never heard in your life, and you’re left making vague nods and sounds of agreement to avoid that awkward moment when you’re supposed to respond to their point.

The organised one

We all wish we could be this person, but sadly we probably never will be. They turn up to the seminar ten minutes early, carrying ten different notebooks and a laptop that has four tabs open on split screen. The constant sound of typing leaves you wondering exactly what it is you’re supposed to be writing down. They search for every essay that’s mentioned on OneSearch as soon as it’s brought up, and you constantly see them on C-floor with their headphones in, completely zoned into their work.

The one who still has Fresher’s flu

They’ve been sniffling since October, and you feel like you should send them a gift basket full of tea bags and cough medicine. You’re trying your best to stay away from them and avoid catching whatever affliction has been ailing them all year.

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