Here are Lancaster University’s most expensive societies to join

It’s bad news for sports lovers and med students


Although most societies at Lancaster cost from £10 to around £30 a year, there are certain ones, specifically sports teams, that cost an arm and a leg, and sometimes even a kidney, to join.

Let’s start with the cheapest of the elite and work down to the most expensive society at Lancaster. It’s important to remember that on top of these fees is the money you may have to spend on socials, nights out, BUCS and Roses, and any other events and additional costs the society may have. My bank balance is crying just thinking about it.

Fencing – £50.00 (Full Year Membership)

Although this allows students full access to the club, and you’re not required to attend a Taster Session or Team trials, all members are required to have a Lancaster Sports Centre Membership on top of the society fee, which costs around £65 a year for a Sport Lancaster Membership.

Rugby League – £50.00 (Current Membership)

This payment allows all current members of the Rugby League Squads access to two weekly training sessions, weekly matches, daily gym training sessions (although a gym membership is required by all students), access to Roses and BUCS competitions, as well as numerous socials.

New members are only required to pay £40.00 for the Freshers Membership for those in their first year as a member of the club.

MedSoc – £50.00 (New Medsoc/Medsoc Gateway Membership)

Lancaster’s Medical Society is the most expensive, non-sport-related society on campus, with the membership giving students access to ball tickets, merchandise, OSCE support, socials, club nights, etc.

Badminton- £65.00 (Team Member)

Although the Badminton membership fee is expensive, students are only required to pay if they are selected to be on the team.

Rugby Union- £70.00 (Mens Annual BUCS Membership)

To join any of the three Men’s RUFC team at BUCS, students must pay nearly five times more money than students who only wish to take part in Saturday touch rugby and those “who just want to be involved without actually playing.”

Furthermore, the women’s RUFC membership only costs £45.00 compared to the men’s teams.

Sailing – £70.00 (Full Year Membership)

The Sailing Society’s full year membership gives members access to equipment, transport and tuition, as well as weekly training sessions and competitions throughout the year.

American Football – £75.00 (Full Year Membership)

The payment gives all members access to shoulder pads, lowers, helmets, kits for training and three-weekly training sessions ran by fully qualified coaches.

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Squash – £80.00 (BUCS Squad Member)

All players selected for the Men’s 1st, 2nd and Women’s 1st BUCS teams are required to purchase this membership. This payment gives all students access to an England Squash membership, entry to the Lancaster University Squash’s NWCSL teams, equipment and court time for training sessions, as well as weekly coaching sessions, transport costs for all BUCS matches and LU Squash NWCSL kits.

Swimming & Waterpolo – £70.00 – £100.00 (Various Memberships)

Swimming and Waterpolo is one of the most expensive societies and sports that students can get involved with at Lancaster. Memberships cost between £70.00 to £100.00 depending on which membership students wish to access. Annual performance memberships for swimming and waterpolo cost £90.00 and £100.00 respectively, and annual development memberships cost £70.00 and £80.00.

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