Attention Lancs students: Here are 11 things you should give up for Lent

Giving up chocolate is too basic, right?

Promised yourself you’d stick to your New Year’s resolutions, but gave up five days into January? Lent is the perfect reason to get back on track to becoming a better person with decent habits. Whether you’re a Greggs fiend or you live in the library, there are many things you could sacrifice this Lent as a Lancaster student.


No, you don’t need to hop into the Greggs queue for the 10th time this week. No, that sausage roll is not calling your name. Your bank balance and your stomach will thank you for it, we promise.

Taking pictures of the ducks

We all love the Lancaster ducks, but you can get only so many angles of them before they all start to look the same. Free up your camera roll for drunk Sugar pics instead.

Getting on the 100 if you don’t live in Bowerham

This will make you a hero to all those unfortunate enough to live in Bowerham. You’ll get a faster bus ride and feel great from your act of charity.

Skipping your 9ams

The dreaded 9am—every student’s nemesis. But imagine how accomplished you’ll feel once you’ve faced the horrors of 9am campus and you can gloat to all your friends about how put-together you are.

Posting every time you walk past the castle

Seriously, your followers don’t need proof you’ve been on another hot girl walk. We all live in Lancaster and we’ve all seen the castle, so expand your social media repertoire. Post some pictures of the canal or another sunset instead.

Spending half your student loan on VKs

Okay, we know Sugar’s 3-4-£6 VKs are an absolute bargain, but when you’re chugging them down in the hopes of staying drunk, it soon adds up. This Lent you should spend your loan on actual useful things like Aldi shops or Sultans.

The library

Sometimes the library is the place you least want to be. We’re not saying you should give up on studying completely, but why not try different study spaces on campus to expand your horizons? You might find The Mill is your new favourite study spot, or that you really love The Learning Zone.

Talking on B and C floors in the library

In the spirit of Lent, please give up something for the sake of our sanity. People choose B and C floor for a reason, and that’s not for a debrief on last night’s Sugar antics. The vibe is much better on A floor for gossiping anyway, so really it’s a win-win resolution.

That unused gym membership

We’re assuming you bought this in January hoping to start your 2023 fitness regime, but soon lost motivation. Maybe eating half your body weight in pancakes will motivate you to go to the gym, or maybe you should just cancel it.

Taking the obligatory ‘angel wings’ pics in Sugar

As iconic as they are, you really don’t need to take another picture of you in front of the angel wings in Sugar. Your friends will appreciate the break from being your personal photographer and you have hundreds of the same pictures anyway, so it’s not much of a sacrifice to make.


Let’s face it, it’ll probably be better for your mental health.

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