The ultimate last minute Lancaster Valentine’s Day gift guide

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In case you have forgotten, let us gently remind you that Valentine’s Day is today and if you are reading this, you have definitely run out of time to order anything. For our last-minute buyers, fear not, as we are here to help: whether you are shopping for yourself, your friends, or your significant other, this list will be sure to inspire you to find the perfect gift.

Valentine’s day range at Atkinson’s


For the coffee lovers

Keeping up with assignments, lab reports, and maintaining a fake smile throughout group projects require a little pick-me-up, and for lots of us, coffee is the ultimate answer.

Fuel your partner’s addiction by buying them coffee beans or accessories at Atkinson’s shop, situated on China St. Not a coffee lover, but they want to make it their whole personality? No worries, this aesthetically pleasing store has a full range of loose tea leaves, fancy chocolate bars and artsy alcohol bottles (that you can easily choose solely based on appearance) to blow them away with.

Moss terrain building stand, inside the Plant Shop

For the plant parents

Old fashioned? Go for the reliable red rose. There is a range of different local flower shops you can pick from. Hanging Basket is just along from Common Garden bus stop, so before your dinner appointment, you can swoon your tinder date with a bunch of flowers for as little as 4 quid.

Wanna spice things up? The Plant Shop on King Street provides all the ‘it’ plants. With a variety of prices treat yourself or your partner to a heart shape cactus, bamboo shoots or even a pet moss, with its very own terrain.

Jelly Cat toys in Cards and Candles

Play it safe with a cuddly toy

In a new relationship and not sure what to get? Hit two birds with one stone at Clintons. Not only can you avoid the awful handmade card, but you can pair your store-bought card with the softest Kenji toy to go along with it.

Has your partner been dropping subtle hints about the viral Jelly Cat toys, and you’ve only just realised it’s not a sweet and you actually needed to order it, but postage has failed you? Don’t worry, Card and Candles have some of the variety in store.

Selection of hats, socks and candle incense inside the shop Lyth Style

For the fashion gurus

Is your partner constantly down with the latest trends? There’s bound to be something hidden among the rails of George Garmz’s second-hand vintage hoodies, jackets, and accessories. Want to splurge a bit more? Lyth Style has a range of style apparel, with tops ranging from £20, and a selection of funky socks and baseball caps for £12 to jazz up any fit.

Valentine’s day sweets at Aldi

For the time crunchers

Never doubt the power of the Aldi middle aisle. There’s also a stunning range of alcohol for you to drown your sorrows when your partner inevitably throws the gift back in your face.

Still reading? … Uh oh, you poor thing, here’s a few Lancaster gift goldmines

These shops are perfect to get the creative juices flowing

Waterstones Gift selection



Not usually the first place that pops in to mind for Valentine’s Day gift, but arguably have the best ‘quirky’ gift selection that is bound to hit the mark of someone’s hobbies or interests. Harry Potter lover? Waterstones has a notebook you can pair with some chocolate. Into rugby? Don’t worry, there’s a desktop rugby miniature game that will go well with flowers or alcohol. Sleep deprived artist? Bosh, Monet inspired notepad or a Bob Ross day-to-day calendar. Trying to be Einstein? Periodic table mug, glasses case and water bottle.

T.k.Maxx store front

Don’t stress, T.K.Maxx has got you covered

T.K.Maxx, a gift from the gods – it’s inexpensive and has pre-made gifts. With just products from T.K.Maxx, you could throw together a care package of face masks, spa accessories, body wash and K-beauty, for a fraction of the price it would usually be. T.K.Maxx has a variety of designer underwear, jewellery, coffee mugs (for that coffee or hot chocolate you just brought at Atkinson’s) and gym equipment and bottles. They even have a skateboard in there for just £19.99 for your edge lords. T.K.Maxx is THE goldmine for budget friendly gifts.

Special mentions

Markets in Town centre









Local markets – a good way to support local businesses and get something that is one of a kind and handmade.

M&S – woah, thinking of breaking the bank? Go to bougie aisle to pull together a goodie basket of chocolate, fancy wine, and Percy Pigs.

Lush – for those students who are lucky enough to have baths, a beautiful, scented bath bomb or shower gel from Lush is the perfect gift to help cover the smell of their mould-infested bathroom (Lush also has great PRE-WRAPPED gift sets).

On a budget this year? Create your own or do an act of service – risky business but if done correctly, this will mean more than any brought gift. Making them dinner can be more than enough. However, be sure to buy them some £1 chocolates, or sweets, for that extra insurance.

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