How to love yourself as a singleton on Valentine’s Day

Every singleton deserves some self-love xoxo

Valentine’s Day. The loneliest day of them all, especially if you’re a singleton and deprived of intimacy. But the reality remains, there’s no reason why you can’t celebrate solitude. With a survey on our Instagram suggesting that 51 per cent of students believe that Valentine’s is a day for couples, it is time to reinvent the norm of how we view and value love, as it should be turned inwards more. As the saying goes, how can you love somebody if you don’t love yourself? 

Hopefully, this will provide some longer-term solutions to your life, even outside of Valentine’s Day. This year has been a weird one, meaning that most of us have been confined to a life of indefinite solitude. Initially, this seems like a living nightmare. But don’t fret, young readers, nightmares are not poles apart from dreams; this is simply an opportunity to relearn how your time should be spent.

Take yourself on a coffee date


Live your main character fantasy by getting caffeinated and buying yourself a bouquet. Have a walk around Williamson park, breathe in fresh oxygen and feel the aura of despair leave your body. Those of you stuck at home will have to find a substitute recreational area to participate.  While you’re at it, celebrate yourself alongside the people you love whether they’re around you or miles away. 

Fall in love with your life.











This might sound slightly perplexing but try and have an affair with yourself this Valentine’s Day. Romanticise & enjoy the luxuries of your freedom, despite the obvious irony in a post-pandemic universe. Whether that means having a delightful candlelit meal with your flatmates; watching that movie you keep meaning to get round to or dressing up to see the ducks on campus explore what makes you feel like your authentic self.

Take some time to wind down slow down and treat yourself as though you are your own lover. These seemingly minor go a long way towards self-love, in which small steps are better than no steps. You come first, if and when you meet your significant other you’ll have your past self to thank for knowing how to cope on your own.

Take a moment to pamper yourself.

Take a moment just to be. Apply a face mask, light a candle and be present with your lovely self. I know you probably want some romantic company but know you do not need any. Why not get your flatmates involved. Laugh and share this day with your friends that you love.

Slow down & be mindful of YOU








In light of treating your body with care and love, it is vital for your mind.  Stay present, try something new out (perhaps manifestations?). Express your self-love through any medium you want, don’t be scared to dip your toe into new realms, whether that be art, poetry, writing, eating Weetabix topped with baked beans…

Acknowledging your emotions, good or bad, are acts of self-care. But if it’s too much that’s okay, refer back to things you can do externally to treat your body. All acts of self-care, big and small, are steps in the right direction. There is no right nor wrong way of going about this.

Dress up, get fancy & Celebrate YOU

It is important to maintain the belief that you deserve to celebrate you. You should be proud of all the wonderful things you’ve done, even if all that is is exist. Unfortunately, the reality in which you are currently living entails surviving a global pandemic whilst being a student. So, feel pampered, dress up and feel good, you owe yourself that much.

Long term self-loving in 2021








As Valentine’s Day comes to an end, loving yourself should not! A forward-looking perspective should be encouraged. Take time out to see what feels right for you; write yourself Valentine’s card for next year (here’s hoping you won’t lose it in two weeks). Continue tuning into your emotions, to your intuition, to yourself and your needs. It’s also understandable if this feels completely unachievable at the moment, your productivity doesn’t equal your value. You are a human being, not a human doing.

We wish you the happiest of Valentine’s Days and many more years of self-celebration!

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