Answer these Lancaster-based questions to tell us which Happy Valley character you are

Don’t be a Neil… nobody wants to be a Neil

If you haven’t been watching the fearsome Sergeant Catherine Cawood’s battle against infamous Tommy Lee Royce, then where have you been?

Three series later, we finally have the ultimate showdown we’ve all been after, with a satisfying ending and the ultimate series wrap up. We get the culmination of a multitude of storylines, but still don’t find out why that little girl never took her coat off?

Give this quiz a try, and perhaps your odd Lancaster habits will reveal more about yourself than you realised. Maybe you watch TV at full volume by Norma in the library, buy so much from Costa that you have a daily free drink, or you are simply part of the Maths department. Whatever it may be, we know which character suits you best.


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Featured image via @bbc_happyvalley