Meet some of the models taking part in Glasgow Charity Fashion Show 2024

They’re your GCFS models and our role models


Every year, a team of fabulous, committed students put on a fashion show to raise money for charity, this year Impact Arts. Students spearhead the entire project from directors, charity correspondents, and the models.

Model manager Rory Tait said that modelling for the charity fashion show is most importantly about being a great ambassador for both the charity and the designers they’re showcasing. He said: “It gives a great insight into how the society operates and can get people involved in the committee in the future. Myself, the creative assistant, some people in sponsorships and graphics, and of course the vice president all modelled in the last couple of years and have made moves into the committee since and loved it, and that’s definitely been a trend in the society’s history.

“The model’s job within the society is to be involved in at least one shoot between November and January and then rehearse and appear in the show in February! It’s the right level of commitment I’d say, nothing too taxing but you still really feel like part of something.”

Here are some of the fabulous models taking part in the Glasgow Charity Fashion Show for Impact Arts this year:

Kristina (she/her)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

GCU, fourth-year physiotherapy.

Kristina said that being a physiotherapy student and working as a model for the GCFS aligns with her belief in holistic care. She said: “This synergy emphasizes that in supporting charitable initiatives, we can bridge the gap between recognizing the physical and mental well-being of those around us.”
When asked about why she wanted to be a model, she said: “Charities like Impact Arts work tirelessly to address inequalities and provide vital resources for individuals facing challenges. Through a holistic approach by encompassing the entirety of any individual, makes a meaningful difference to their lives which fosters a healthier and more balanced society.”
Kristina’s individual fundraiser for Impact Arts is a Charity Football Tournament. Donate here.

Lewis (he/him)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

Psychology and economics, second year.
Lewis said his favourite thing about Impact Arts is “the fact they focus on art as a medium for change makes it unique and fun”.
To raise money for Impact Arts, Lewis is climbing the seven hills of Edinburgh. Donate here.

Jessie (she/her)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

Fourth-year history of art.

Jessie when asked about what she is most excited for, said she can’t wait to see what designs she is wearing. She said: “I’ve already seen some of the pieces and they are INCREDIBLE.”

To raise money for Impact Arts, Jessie has been making tote bags out of a recycled bouncy castle sourced from a community scrap store. She said: “I may be biased but they are looking very cool and I can’t wait til they are ready to sell very soon!” Donate here.

Baptiste (he/him)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

First-year film and TV at Glasgow Uni.

What was the best family/friend reaction to you modelling for GCFS?

When asked what the best reaction was to him modelling for GCFS this year, he said: “My friends say I totally belong in this modelling thing.”

What’s your individual fundraiser for Impact Arts?

For Baptiste’s individual fundraiser, he will ither fixing damaged clothes or maybe selling pearl necklaces. Donate here.

Paris (she/her)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

UofG business management and sociology, second year.

Paris wanted to be a model since the age of 10, but started pursuing a career when she turned 15. She said she was a very quiet child, so being able to express emotions through a photograph is her favourite part of being a model.

She said: “I was always encouraged to model by my family and peers as I was always the tall kid but I never took them seriously until I sat down and watched an Off-White show on my TV and told myself ‘I want to do that’ (this was when I was around 15 or 16).

“Fast forward to now, I’m walking my first show (which will be the first out of many) and I’m so excited to be working with such an amazing group of creatives. I aspire to become an inspiration for my generation and make an impact worldwide through all of my work!”

Paris has collated a Self-Care Hamper Raffle to raise money for Impact Arts. Buy a ticket and donate here.

Sarah-Isabella (she/her)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

First-year international relations and sociology.

“What I found admirable about Impact Arts is the wide demographic they work with, ranging from children and elderly to former convicts. The whole concept of using art as a medium to tackle inequalities is an incredible concept and for me, one of the reasons that Impact Arts stood out as a charity.

“An additional aspect I find great about impact arts is the manner that which they prioritize increasing individuals’ confidence. Confidence is a vessel for power and change and I find it incredible that it’s a focal part of their projects.”

Sarah-Isabelle is holding a Jazz Sesh (Nemo Ganguli trio) at the bar Basquiat to raise money.

Lovis (he/him)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

When asked what the best bar, café or restaurant in Glasgow, Lovis said Gloriosa.
He said he chose to model to “have some fun, meet some people, and do something charitable”.

Stav (she/her)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

UofG, cancer research and precision oncology master’s.

Stav was involved in modelling last year, and said she is “so grateful to have a chance to do it again”.

To raise money for Impact Arts, Stav is making paintings to print on posters and tote bags. Follow her on Instagram.

Felix (he/him)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

Strathclyde third-year sport and physical activity.

When asked the best family or friend reaction to modelling, Felix said his mum said: “Oh really? I didn’t expect that”.

Felix is doing a Sponsored Swim for Impact Arts. Donate here.

Katherine (she/her)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

UofG philosophy and theology, third year.

Katherine said the best bar, café or restaurant in Glasgow is “Celentano’s, no question”.

For her individual fundraiser, Katherine is hosting a Christmas dinner soiree.

Sienna (she/her)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

First-year Glasgow Uni.

What is your favourite thing about Impact Arts?

Sienna’s favourite thing about Impact Arts is the fact that it’s raising money for the arts and getting more people to talk about it. She said: “I always feel like it’s been an underrated industry that’s been looked down on.”

Sienna is doing walkathon where I’m getting people to sponsor me in the name of Impact Arts. Donate here.

Joseph (he/him)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

UofG software engineering, second year.

Joseph’s brother was eating when ge told the family, and he choked on his food a little upon hearing the news that he was going to be a model.

Joseph is arranging a basketball tournament for Impact Arts. Donate here.

Rhianna (she/her)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

Strathclyde second year, business.

Rhianna said that her favourite café in Glasgow is Coia’s Cafe.

She is hand sewing tote bags and makeup bags to raise money. Donate here.

Matthew (he/him)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

Fourth-year medicine.

Matthew said: “The fact Impact Arts focus on engaging young people in the arts to tackle social injustice feels really synergetic with how GCFS channel creative energy and platform local artists in order to fundraise”, when asked about what is so important about Impact Arts.

He’s hosting a Back to Uni Pub Quiz in Dram on 11th January at 7pm. Donate here.

Zola (she/her)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

GU English literature and Spanish in third year.

Zola, when asked about what she’s most excited about, said: “Getting to know the rest of the team!”

What’s your individual fundraiser for Impact Arts?

Zola is swimming the length of the Glasgow subway in four days to raise money for charity. Donate here.

Forest (they/them)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

UofG comparative literature and English literature in the fourth year.

Forest said they like that creativity is championed in Impact Arts to make positive change in communities. They said they particularly like what they do “with school leavers, as they focus on how creative projects can create both “employable” life skills and act as a way of improving mental health”.

They are selling A3 prints of their photos. Donate here.

Nathan (he/him)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

GCU international fashion branding, second-year.

Nathan’s favourite bar, café and restaurant in Glasgow are “Wunderbar, Black Sheep and Santa Lucia”.

To raise funds for Impact Arts, he is going to be taking part in the Santa Dash. Donate here.

Revati (she/her)

Image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

Fourth-year, Scots law at UofG.

“Girl this is like the fifth society you’re in?!?” – every friend of Revati’s.

Revati is letting the people dare her to do anything for £5 per dare. She said: “Please help me make some weird stories to tell the grandkids!” Donate here.

Model manager Rory Tait explained that with GCFS being the biggest student fundraiser in Glasgow, the models are a crucial part of the process. He said: “We’re looking out for people who have some confidence, but of course, we still love it if we see someone who we know will come out of their shell and really enjoy the experience, and is just genuinely sound to work with which, this year, our models have gone above and beyond in ticking the boxes!”

Follow along to see more shoots, content, and eventually see these beautiful people walk the runway in February in the name of Impact Arts.

Featured image via Eva K. Merritt – @evakmerritt

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