Glasgow students tell us why Glasgow is the best city to study and live in

In case you needed reminded why you’re here amid deadlines and the early darkness


It’s undeniable that Glasgow is a great student city. This year, it was voted the most fun place to be a student and often tops student satisfaction rankings across the UK.

I know that sometimes I struggle to remember why I’m here other than to churn out essays and sluggishly attend classes. So, amid never-ending lectures, studying, and the 4pm darkness, here are students’ reasons for why Glasgow is the best place to study and live in.

‘People make Glasgow – everyone is so friendly and welcoming’

Glasgow has time and time again been named the friendliest city in the world and, even as a dirty southerner, I’ve found that to be incredibly true. I remember when I came up for the open day and was shocked that the barista was nice to me. Some of my best pals I’ve met just through the Glaswegian friendliness vibes. All it takes is one pub visit to remind you why Glasgow is so much better in general – and it is largely down to how nice the average person is.

‘Cheap drinks and such good food’

Glasgow is sneakily an amazing spot for food and drinks. Between the best cheap eats for students and cheap spots for a pint, we have it sorted.

‘The easy access transport links to leave Glasgow’

It’s easy to find yourself in the west end bubble, going to and from classes, your flat, Lidl, and that’s it. It’s easy enough to forget about exploring the entirety of Glasgow, never mind the insane connections on our doorsteps. It’s two and a half hours to Newcastle, 40 minutes to Edinburgh, and we can get deep into the Scottish countryside in no time at all.

‘Glasgow summers, well, late May to early June’

Whilst Glasgow’s weather is pretty hit or miss (usually miss), when the sun is out, the city is one of the nicest places to be. Between sitting in the park with pals, in a beer garden on Ashton Lane, or just taking breaks outside the library in a t-shirt rather than five layers, it’s absolutely electric. Whilst I like many people may wish those summer weeks were summer months, I think you could argue that the briefness of it makes it all the more vibey, where people are so eager to make full use of it that it’s the best three weeks of the year. Though, maybe I’m just trying to find the positivity in the shortness.

‘Academically brilliant universities, and the fact we aren’t Edinburgh’

The University of Glasgow has this year been named the hardest uni to get into based on UCAS tariff points, the top university in Scotland, and is consistently in the top 15 of university rankings across the UK. Strathclyde, Cale, and UWS also have had record-breaking positions and awards in the past few years. I know I got a lot of flack for choosing Glasgow rather than Edinburgh or St. Andrews, but I thank my lucky stars every day that I did.

‘Green spaces. Gorgeous and accessible parks’

The Gaelic for Glasgow literally translates it to “Dear Green Place” – and that it can be. With the likes of Pollock Park (special shoutout to the coos there), Kelvingrove, the Botanics, Victoria Park and loads more, our green places within our Dear Green Place are absolutely stunning and a welcome break from the contrasting urbanism of the city. As earlier mentioned, further afield are gorgeous spots too.

‘The city never really sleeps, so there’s always something to do or someone awake’

The impromptu late-night plans really make city living worth it. Whether you go to HIVE last minute, a late-night trip to the big Tesco, or bowling at 1am, it’s always a great time and severely helps the plot.

‘It’s constantly changing and thriving and so diverse – always something new to experience’

There is so much to see and do in Glasgow. I have been here four and a half years and I’m still finding new experiences and trying new things. For example, head along to a rodeo bar in Trongate, or go on a student night out. New things open every week and I am always so excited to try new things around here.

And finally:

‘It’s not England’

Cheers to that.

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