How to keep warm in Glasgow this winter without breaking the bank

Here are some tips to lessen the chill and decrease your bill


A winter in Glasgow is not famous for its tropical weather and blistering sunshine. Though temperatures this winter are set to remain above average, it won’t feel any cosier when you are huddled in your student flat debating whether or not it is finally time to turn the heating on. In this cost of living crisis, electricity and gas bills are rising astronomically, so this is a quick guide to keep bill low while the temperature gets lower.

It is worth thinking about heating yourself and not your house. If you are warm, it doesn’t matter how warm your house is. Maybe consider investing in the following…

1. A heated blanket

Heated blankets are a quick way to stay toasty on a budget, keeping you warm instead of heating up the air of a whole room. Though they use electricity, their low wattage means it makes them a much cheaper alternative to gas central heating. Not only that, they are said to promote blood flow and ease aches and pains. They are portable, easy to use and only create heat that is being used.

A quick Google of “heated blankets” brings up plenty of options, ranging roughly from £25 to £80 just depending on the quality. Amazon has many options with thousands of good reviews, it is definitely an option worth checking out. One downside is that many heated blankets cannot be washing easily (water and electricity historically do not mix well), so do your research before investing in a blanket.

Heated blankets seem pricey? How about a big hot water bottle instead. Investing in a huge hot water bottle to keep to chill away also does a similar job.

2. Little radiators and fans

Small space heaters are another way to save money on your monthly bill. Instead of turning on the central heating, have a small portable radiator or fan that can be plugged into the wall targeting specifically the room you are in. This is energy efficient, as otherwise you could be spending money on central heating that is warming up rooms no one is using. They range in price on Amazon, depending on size and strength.

3. Lots of layers, not one thick one

If you are determined to not turn on the heating yet and cosy jumpers are not cutting it, this is for you. Instead of grabbing your largest jumper in an attempt to keep the cold away, put on a couple of thinner layers. The “layering system” is a far more effective way of staying warm as air gets trapped in between these layers, creating insulation. This the recommended by hill-walkers and outdoorsy people alike, but it can also be effective for indoor activities such as lazing about and procrastinating.

So, you’ve turned on the central heating

There comes a time where it is inevitable, the heating must go on, so now what should you do?

4. Close your windows! Prevent draughts

This may seem obvious but even having your windows slightly ajar can cool down a whole room and waste a lot of money! If you have particularly draughty windows it might be worth investing in thicker curtains, keeping that cold air out. Or perhaps draught exclusion methods, like tape and strips. This creates a far more energy efficient household, wasting the least amount of heat possible. You can purchase draught exclusion tape on Amazon for under £10.

5. Boiler timers

You can time your heating to turn on at certain points in the day, perhaps for an hour in the morning to warm the house up and for a couple of hours at night to keep the chill away. This means that you won’t forget to turn the heating off when the house is already warm enough.

You can also set your heating to turn on when your flat reaches a certain temperature. For example, when the thermostat detects the house is only eight degrees, the heating would kick on until the flat is up to a desired temperature. It is common to be confused, so do not worry. There are recourses online that can help you set up these systems in your accommodation. This is 100 per cent worth looking into as it bound to save you money.

6. Alcohol

You can numb the cold with alcohol. Just pop open a can and feel the cold sweep away!

Jokes aside, this is unfortunately a myth. Alcohol may make you feel warmer but it does not genuinely heat you up. If you are drinking in winter, be extra careful as you might not feel how cold you truly are.

The cost of living crisis has made the price of heating astronomical.

If you do not know what to do about the costs of bills this winter, visit the Home Energy Scotland website. There are similar websites for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They have personalised energy saving advice and links to organisations that can help you manage your money or provide financial support.

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