What the Glasgow Uni halls you stayed in say about you

Are you a Murano fiend? Or do you prefer the quiet halls of Firhill Court?

If you, like many others, decided to spend your academic years in accommodation, this is the article for you. Does Murano still sit in the back of your mind? Have you returned to Kelvin Court? Did your accommodation cause dread during the academic year? Wherever you are now, I know you are dying to find out what the halls you stayed in say about you.


Did someone say party? You are still definitely recovering from the lack of sleep schedule, and being in a quiet space fills you with a sense of uneasiness. Does a friend need a cute going out outfit? You have them covered, literally any theme of party or club, your wardrobe holds the perfect outfit.

Besides the trek to uni every day, you enjoyed staying at Murano and recommend it to freshers who haven’t chosen where to stay yet. P.S, we all know it was you coughing during the first week of lectures.

Queen Margaret

You have without a doubt seen a few things which feel like they are straight out of a movie. The walk to the weekly food shop still haunts your dreams. Just like Murano folk you love a night out and can’t miss a good get together.

You also may have been aware of the cliques which formed, resembling that of a private club. Quarter-zips have probably made their way into your wardrobe but you aren’t mad about it.

Firhill Court

Besides Queen Margaret, this was in your top five choices. Sleep and comfort were very important to you and me too. I know you loved that bus that took you to campus and laughed at others getting soaked whilst you enjoyed the warm comfort of those old seats.

You enjoy the company of your stuffed animals more than people, I’m right there with you. Small spaces now freak you out a bit too, which is understandable.

Kelvin Court

You wanted to be close to the uni but more so in the West End than Maryhill. You enjoy decorating your rooms and took advantage of the parking. The abandoned hospital may have been your favourite spot ever and you would always take people there. You also had an overwhelming feeling of needing to outdo every outfit you wore, this has carried over and you still pre-plan your outfits, aka stressing yourself out before bed every night.


Aldi is one of your top favourite shops, and the French vodka holds a permanent place in your heart and cupboard. You made it a mission to know people who had the balcony flats there, the view was great.

The pizza vending machine was the stuff of your dreams and definitely a go-to stop on the way home. As much as you loved going out on Sauchiehall Street, the walk was not a fan of yours. As well, as deeply missing Rumour Wednesdays, rest in peace.

St Mungos

You love your own space and not having to move too far to get snacks or shopping. The pool table became a part of your identity, and you never stepped foot in the cinema room. You actually quite enjoy the walk to Sauchiehall Street. You also definitely developed a deep hatred for false fire alarms. I know you hear them in your dreams like I do.

Staying at home

You are either one of the lucky ones or are definitely moving out for this academic year. You saved a lot of money so a shopping spree was needed, I’m jealous by the way.

The train has become like a second home to you and seems to never be on time when you need it to be. Whilst at uni all you think about is the full fridge at home and being thankful there is no sign of pot noodles.

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