Every canon event you’ll go through at Glasgow Uni

We can inform but we cannot interfere


Gen Z recently discovered that we all lived through unavoidable, unchangeable events called “canon events”.

A canon event is something that’ll happen to everyone without reason and without the ability to change it, a situation that happens to many different people who all experience but still the same outcome. We believe there is a range of canon events that every student will go through.

Here are the things that Glasgow students have already experienced or will experience in their university lives.

Taking millions of pictures of the main building 

The University of Glasgow campus is so beautiful that you will never get tired of taking pictures of it, especially taking pictures of the main building. It doesn’t matter what year are you in, what the weather is like outside or how many pictures you already have, you will always stop by and take that photo.

Going to HIVE

Visiting HIVE is definitely an unavoidable activity. At first, you will think that it must be a great university club, but eventually, you will understand everything…

EDM party era

You are excited that you finally moved out of your parents or just excited to meet new people and start university life. So you go to a lot of different clubs, and parties, your new favorite drink is vodka lemonade and sometimes don’t wake up at your place the next day.

Inevitably, you will end up at clubs like Berkeley Suite and La Cheetah to hear the good old “oons oons” music. Don’t worry, if you don’t like it but can’t seem to get away from it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you’ll be back in the cheesy tunes room in no time.

Freshers’ Flu

This is going to be the worst sickness you have ever felt in your entire life. You will probably get it after partying a little bit too much on Freshers’ Week or get it from someone who partied too much on Freshers’ Week…

You will debate whether you should go to the doctor, call your mum and complain, or buy enough Berocca and ibuprofen to fuel an army.

Eating pasta every night

You’re finally cooking for yourself every single night and the only meal you can prepare is pasta. At first, it’s just pasta with ketchup, or pesto if you’re fancy, but you will improving your skills and start adding seasonings, cheese, and chicken. With time it’ll become your girl dinner and comfy meal.

Isolation arc

This is a phase where you go to the gym, study a lot, go to the library, sit in your room watching tv on your own, and don’t talk to a lot of people. It happens to everyone, don’t worry, the loneliness is normal.

The new year glow up

This is where you are optimistic about the New Year and say you will study a lot, go to the gym, and wake up early. “New year – new me”. “This year I will definitely study better, glow up, and find a boyfriend/girlfriend”. And you have this look in your eyes, I can only describe as a look of hope.

Awkward introduction time loop

This could be people in your class, society but especially your roommates. “What’s your name? Where are you from? What do you study? Where do you stay?” and you will hear this at least 10 times a day.

Simulation vibes

After the start of your activity, start to feel so out you will wonder what to do with all your time. This could include drinking on Tuesday, being at the JMS all day, or signing up for a random society.

Post-midterm blues

This will not be correlated to how well you did on the exams. It’s more about being in the middle of the semester and hating your life. You already want a winter or summer break and are definitely not in the mood to continue your semester.

Study buddies

This is a canon event when you go to the library or JMS with the intention of doing work, but we all know how it turns out… You just spend the next couple of hours doing nothing, but talking about the most devious drama, professors, and plans for the weekend.

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