The eight types of Glasgow students you’ll have met during Freshers’ Week

Which one are you?

Freshers’ Week is almost over, so let’s discuss some student stereotypes! Everybody comes to uni excited for a fresh start, looking forward to meeting new friends, and finding new hobbies.

University is a chance to reinvent the wheel, find new versions of yourself, and develop your identity. It’s a place where school kids become budding young adults and find an intense individuality that is fostered and grown over the following four years.

That being said, that tends to come a little later than week one. Freshers as a cohort can usually be boiled down into these eight categories, against many’s wishes. Whilst of course university students won’t stay in these stereotypes forever, I’m sure characteristics from each type have been more than present this week.

These are the different types of students you’ll find at Glasgow Uni Freshers’ Week, which one are you?

1. In the library already

The student who is maybe a wee bit too excited for their course to start, but their enthusiasm is definitely admirable. They have already bought their books and read a good chunk of their reading list. They intend to not only do their required readings but also their weekly recommended texts.

Anytime you are in the library, you bump into them. Although they put everyone in their tutorial group to shame, everyone loves them as they are always prepared and make sure there isn’t an awkward silence when the tutor asks a question.

2. The person who has no idea what’s going on

Then there’s the complete opposite. The student who has no idea what’s going on and hasn’t even enrolled yet. Every time you chat to them you wonder how the hell they are surviving. When you try to discuss an upcoming class or first bit of coursework, their face drops and they say “WHAT!? When was this announced, I had no idea about that?”.

Definitely the student who frequently forgets plans and hands in coursework late.

3. Goes out every single night

The student who takes Freshers’ Week a wee bit too far. They are drinking every single night, attending every social event and getting next to no sleep. Also the freshers’ flu super spreader, they catch it (as most freshers do) but due to their abundance of nightly activities, pass it on to everyone they see.

Whenever you see them they are either inviting you on a night out, drunk or hungover.

4. Campus celebrity

This type of student leaves you wondering how they have made so many friends already!? They’re the super keen, doing the absolute most student- they have no issue going up to people and making friends and once they have anyone’s socials or number; they keep in contact.

This student regularly reaches out to anyone they have met and makes plans. Whenever you’re with them, at least three people say hello as they walk past making them a certified BNOC by week two!

5. Taster session enthusiast

Similar to our campus celebrity, we have our taster session enthusiast. This student cant get enough of clubs and societies taster sessions. Also super keen and doing the most, instead of making an impressive amount of friends, they are attending an impressive amount of freshers events. They’re the type to have dance try outs in the morning, netball in the afternoon and finish their evening with a cheeky badminton try out.

Constantly on the go and trying their very best to really explore every possibility at the uni for them. Good for them.

6. Home students

Next up we have our beloved home student. Although they may be less likely to attend every single freshers event available to them, they definitely can show you how to have the most fun. They know all the best clubs, places to eat and things to do. Which makes them some of the best people to make friends with on campus!

7. Murano student who doesn’t stop talking about Murano

The fresher who moved into Murano and makes it their entire personality. They drop Murano into every conversation and constantly remind you that “there’s no flat party like a Murano flat party”. They complain about their halls but also think you don’t get a proper Glasgow student experience if you stay anywhere else.

Even when they aren’t in first year, their Murano veteran status is central to their personality.

8. Average student

Then we have our normal student, who is extremely nervous- just like you. They are a bit overwhelmed with the changes they are experiencing and feel a bit out of place. They want to make new friends and get a good student experience but aren’t quite too sure how to go about that. They want to go out but also be prepared for their classes. You should definitely make friends with them and they will make friends with you.

Just a reminder, everyone is in the same boat.

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